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Heart Failure And Chest Pain

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Hi guys...

Feel like I’m pestering everyone but I’m not in a good way.... as some of you know from previous posts I have recently been diagnosed with HF.... now I’ve had on and off chest pains for well over a year but since being diagnosed I’m seeing it more and more often like I feel like my hearts going to bounce out of my chest or I’m going to have a heart attack.... I have no idea what the symptoms are.... I’m so scared and need help.... I feel like I can’t take this anymore

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Hi Jamie27

Why would you feel that you are pestering people ? Surely the whole point of this site is to share our thoughts , feelings , emotions and opinons . We all have one thing in common and that's the health of our hearts ! So please don't feel like you are pestering people as I'm sure other people will join me in saying that you're not.

Maybe it would be a good idea to tell your GP how you are feeling and your symptoms. He/She can do some tests if need be. If you live in the UK , you can call 111 , if you feel very unwell suddenly and a nurse can help you . I think only a medic who has your full medical history can help you . (I don't know about the role of the nurses on this site , if they can help or not !) .

Please don't despair . There is help out there . I'm sure other members of this site will have other suggestions . You're not alone , my friend.

Just didn’t want to feel like I was posting to much and pestering people about the same thing.... I’m just absolutely terrified I’m going to have a heart attack and not pull through.... gets me to the point we’re I’m to scared to sleep.... the chest pains have been related to chostiocondritis which is inflammation of the rib cage but I have never been diagnosed with this


You are not bothering anyone. You post whatever you need to post. This is a scary time in your life and you need support.

I wonder if you have heart failure support groups around.

You have to get in touch with your team and get more information on your illness so you can have some power over it.

I hope you are not googling things? You have to be very careful what you are reading. Some of it will really send your anxiety through the roof.

Take care Jamie

Hi Jamie, did you call the BHF nurses? Michael gave the number on your first post, you could ring & talk through your symptoms with them

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Jamie27 in reply to Lezzers

Hi... no i completely forgot about that! I will give them a call today and see what they recommend thanks again

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Sunnie2day in reply to Jamie27

Also helpful (very!) for easing anxiety, and educating regarding worrisome symptoms and not-so-worrisome symptoms are the BHF publications - I honestly don't think I would have made it through the first few months of 'things becoming serious' without those little booklets on the bedside and coffee tables. The BHF nurses might advise which ones apply to your condition(s) then you can order online (free but donations nice to defray costs to BHF) and within a week or so you have something to read.

You can also usually find several booklets available at your GP and the cardiology clinic, and some chemists as well.

Anxiety about symptoms can be worse than symptoms themselves. Post as often as you need to. Is there a heart failure nurse at the hospital local to you? In the first instance ring BHF nurses then visit your GP for support. Things will improve. Worry turns things into a viscious circle.

Hi Jamie. It’s not pestering its about support. I had costochondritis diagnosed last November. It’s incredibly painful and difficult to control with pain medication. It gets easier but it can return. I am currently in a flare up of it and was in so much pain two nights ago was awake all night. It’s only now that I can tell the difference between that and heart pain so if in doubt you should call 111/999. I have been to A&E previously and it has been costochondritis but I now can tell the difference I think! Getting good pain relief is essential so it’s important to discuss with your GP and get a plan in place for when it flares. Also talk to your heart failure nurse to speak about your heart concerns they will be able to direct you to other relevant support sources like counselling so you can voice your concerns.

Take care Jamie and stay strong. Zena

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Jamie27 in reply to Zena166

Thank you everyone for your support these last few days have been extremely difficult

How you feeling now?

I used to meditate years ago. Only because I was interested in it . But now I want to use it as a tool to relax and deal with stress. I did Tai Chi years ago too, just for exercise . Now , again I want to do Tai Chi to relax the body and mind .

Maybe you could give it a go? There are some good free You Tube Vids on both which I'm looking at and will pick which to use .

Hi, I am one of many that will.tell you that you become so aware of every chest feeling and heart pounding sensation, it's normal but it will not answer your queries and worries without information and back up, when an incident occurs I would suggest you check into A&E if your GP is unable to answer the question, they are there to help, it's your life and peace of mind just to sit in A&E for a few hours, they take chest pains seriously and will lood test you, run ECGs and it really helps to talk through your symptoms with a nurse or doctor, it's a starting place to get answers and starts to ease the Anxiety. Good luck

Its at times like this you should call your heart failure nurse.

Good luck. and Try and relax. Hard i know.

Oh Jamie I do feel for you. The more anxious you get the worse the symptoms are. Please feel free to open up on here. There is some good advice from people who have been through what you are going through. Have you tried deep breathing exercises? Breathe in deeply through the nose and exhale slowly through the mouth. I find this helps me tremendously as it takes my mind off what my heart is doing! I hope you get some relief soon.

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Jamie27 in reply to Becksagogo

Hi! Yeah I tend to do that a lot and then just see how I get on! I feel the pain less when im actually doing something such as walking around and stuff... I’m going to the races with everyone from work today so hopefully help take my mind off things.... (alcohol restricted of course)

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Janma123 in reply to Jamie27

Enjoy you day and relax.

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Becksagogo in reply to Jamie27

Enjoy your day but don't try to keep up with the "youngsters"! Do stuff at your pace and find alternatives to alcohol and fizzy drinks. But most importantly relax!

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Jamie27 in reply to Becksagogo

I’m a youngster myself at 27! 😂 but yes I’m sticking to strictly flat drinks... my doctor said I can have one or 2 drinks but tbh I’d rather not risk it

There are so many more drinks available for heart patients. Fentemans and Fever Tree do some brilliant soft drinks that are natural and the big brands like Prezzo are starting to sell them. Enjoy your racing!

I’ve opted for a non alcoholic drink... just so I don’t feel left out and just be carful

How are you feeling after your day at the races? Hope being able to join in helped to ease any anxiety.

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Jamie27 in reply to Becksagogo

Not as expected I’m now in a&e with chronic chest pains and really struggling

I hope you're feeling better soon Jamie27.

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Becksagogo in reply to Jamie27

Oh bless you Jamie. Sorry to hear that. Hope you feel better real soon.

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Jamie27 in reply to Becksagogo

I’ve been prescribed dihydrocodene for the chest pain so hopefully that will help aswell as the tablets to give my heart the extra pump it needs

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Becksagogo in reply to Jamie27

Get well soon.

I have also experienced chest pain that felt like on and off incident -- healthunlocked.com/bhf/post... --

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