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Flying with AF


I have just been initially diagnosed with AF in A & E, after a very unpleasant few days of irregular pulse, and fluttering. ECG And bloods showed no abnormality at this stage, so I am awaiting a cardiology appointment in November.

I would like to know how I will be on a flight to France later this week? Is it safe? A &E doctor says ok to fly.


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Hi Singtorelax,

I am sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis and I hope you are feeling better now. I was wondering if you had been prescribed any medication such as beta blockers( to try and keep your heart beating regularly) or anticoagulant( blood thinning) medication? This reduces your risk,but I would check with your GP before you travel.You would also need to make sure you have adequate travel insurance in place too.

If you would like to talk this through further with one of the cardiac nurses on the Heart Helpline,the number is 0300-330-3311. There is someone to talk to Monday- Friday from 9am -5pm

I hope I've helped.

Take care,


Thank you for your reply.I have been on atenolol 50 mg for some years, for raised BP which has been very stable. I am awaiting cardiology appt in November. A&E doctor told me ok to fly, (to France, not long haul)

ECG and bloods all look fine, but will be investigated.

This started with the death of our beloved little dog, four weeks ago.

Worrying now about flying not helping!

Just wanted to add that I have now a week later arrived in France, no ill effects on very delayed flight ( stress!) and feeling better for different environment. Sang in a concert here, and heart fluttering away ? Excitement, nerves etc., but I was ok.

I did increase insurance cover, and felt better and reassured for speaking to them.

I'm not a medic but I'm in permanent AF and flying really isn't an issue. If the insurers will cover you, they agree it isn't an issue either. Enjoy your trip! :)

Thank you, I'm trying to be positive on this, the holiday will be a good rest.

AF all the time sounds horrendous, but you adapt I expect?

Thanks for your positivity!

I’m in permanent AF, have heart failure, and suffer from dilated cardiomyopathy. I used to travel frequently but was nervous about doing so for the past two years, particularly because my GP advised strongly against it.

Last week I flew to England, (I’m in Northern Ireland), thence on to Santorini and back a few days later with no untoward effects apart from being really tired ever since!

So much so that I’ve booked Ischia for next week!

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