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Hi All,

I had a triple heart bypass last year (pre-elected). We are moving house an I'm getting life insurance but most of the insurance companies won't touch me even though I consider myself fully recovered. The quote I have been given is £84 per month (that also includes my wife) but this is £70 extra to what I'm currently paying which I just can't afford.

Has anyone got an recommendations that perhaps would be a bit cheaper? I was expecting an increase but not that much.



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MichaelJHHeart Star

Sorry if I am missing something here but can't you just continue your existing policy?

dagger1947 in reply to MichaelJH

I suppose I can keep my existing policy, just means that as its a decreasing life insurance policy my Mrs won't get the full amount of our new mortgage if I pop my clogs :-). Thanks Michael!

Hidden in reply to dagger1947

As suggested you could keep your current policy - make sure you check to see if a health declaration is needed due to your surgery.

If your current insurers continue your policy could you then arrange a cheaper top up policy elsewhere


Also while you consider yourself fully recovered to an underwriter you have undergone heart surgery which will make you a far higher insurance risk hence the higher premiums

dagger1947 in reply to Hidden

Thanks alot for the advice. It's much appreciated.

It is one of those frustrating scenarios, like travel insurance. Insurance companies regard people who have undergone heart surgery as higher risk when, in fact, we are probably lower risk. We have identified a heart problem and have taken steps to fix the issue. We are probably now more aware of healthy eating and lifestyle, so live healthier than those who do not yet realise they have a problem. We are less likely to have future heart problems than many other people.

It is probably worth contacting the British Heart Foundation (www, for advice. They may be able to recommend insurance companies or policies that would suit you.

Thanks Rocky. It's very frustrating, I have a serious dislike for insurance companies.

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