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CT Scan


Hi All,

Had my CT Scan. All went well. The Dye really does make you think you have wet yourself. Even though I took all my rings etc off, I didn't need to, only a bra if it had metal in it. Had a phone call from hospital to ask me if I would go for a Myocardial Perfusion Scan. This I have next Tuesday. Had my Echocardiogram last Wednesday, my god wasn't it painful. I was glad when it was finished. They also want my GP to tiltrate my Beta-Blocker and give me a long lasting nitrate. Have finally got an appointment with my GP next Wednesday, after being told she was fully booked until September. Also when I collected my aspirin and statin from chemist, the Pharmacist thought I was medically exempt from paying?? So he de pre-scripted my aspirin which costs 8.80 for only 28 and gave me a bottle of 100 aspirin for a cheaper price! I never thought to ask about that when I first got them. Also I had no choice in having the GTN sprayed under my tongue during my CT Scan. Did not have much of a headache, taste wasn't too bad. So not as bad as I thought it would be, after all. But as the Cardiac nurse told me not to over exert my self, I will stay away from going up the hiils and over the cliffs, until all tests are done.

Regards Dee.

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Just a small comment I get 75mg enteric coated aspirin from tescos at about 60p for 28 (I think) so I always get them myself rather thatn have them scripted.

Good luck with your appointments hope all goes well

MichaelJHHeart Star

If you are not exempt get an annual season ticket (think it was £104 when I last looked). You can pay for it monthly. For anyone not exempt and on an array of meds it is a win-win scenario!

Hi as Michael says get a monthly prescription card. I pay £10.40 per month by direct debit and my monthly drug bill is usually about £35

Interested to know did you get your ct scan results straight away? Reason I ask is my mum had same scan last week not heard anything yet though she will have to go back to see cardiologist as he ordered this scan.

DD13 in reply to gemstar82

Hi I had a telephone call, asking me to go for a Myocardial Perfusion Scan. Which was a 6 week wait. But I am having that done tomorrow. The letter came a few days after my ct scan with the results. Not that I understood them. I was told on the telephone that they had found some narrowing in the arteries. It also asked for my GP to up my Beta Blocker and give me a long lasting Nitrate. I have no had results of my Echocardiagram yet. But I guess that only goes to the GP. And as I have been summoned to go Wednesday (after trying to get an appoint for the last 3 weeks?) she has had the results and hopefully give me these new prescriptions! Have you thought about ringing the hospital to see if your mothers results have been sent.

Regards Dee.

gemstar82 in reply to DD13

She had to wait about four five weeks for appointment about her echo with her cardiologist. However she was under the cardiac rehab and a nurse told my mum her results were normal before her appointment with cardiologist we were told at hospital they would go to her consultant.

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