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Please Help, Results CT scan

I wrote on here 2 months ago that i was supposed to have a CT scan with dye (due to chest pains) but in the end they only did the CT scan without dye. I have been waiting and waiting and calling for the results and finally 8 weeks after my CT scan I get the results with an apology. Unfortunately the results have been send to me by letter so I can't talk to a health professional about them. Although I have now called my GP who will call me back on Tuesday as he wasn't there.

Maybe you could help me explaining to me what the results mean?

It says in the letter that the CT scan showed a dense confluent calcification in the proximal LAD. This was highly likely to compromise the chances of a satisfactory diagnostic study following contrast injection, so contrast-enhanced CT angiography was not performed. No other coronary arterial calcification was evident. Mediastinal, lung, pleural and skeletal appearances in the chest were normal. Only minor calcific plaque in the descending thoracic aorta.

As there already has been a delay, they want me to undergo a invasive coronary angiogram. In the meantime they prescribing me 75 mg Aspirin, 40 mg Simvastatin and 5mg Bisoprolol.

I am quite shocked with this letter and all the medicines they prescribed.

I also wonder if it's not dangerous that i apparently have a blockage? Or what would they mean with "dense confluent calcification" what % would that be?

They are also talking about performing a 'pressure wire study' if there is proximal anterior descending artery disease of questionable significance during the angiogram, to understand wether revascularisation is indicated.

I presume they mean a stent?

Could anybody please help me make sense out of all of this?

Are all these prescriptions necessary?

I have some stomach problems, so a bit scared for the Aspirine.

Thank you for reading this!

Very confused at the moment, trying to make sense out of it all.

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As I read it, and I am not a medical professional, is that you have severe stenosis ( I think this usually means 70%+) of the LAD particular where it joins other arteries. The fatty deposits can calcify over time - this is why I am having a bypass as with heavy calcification (c.f. cement) you cannot insert a stent. The drugs are to keep you safe and if any one presents a problem alternatives are available. Angiograms are classed as the "gold standard" and after this the cardiologists will decide on the appropriate course of treatment. I personally found the angiogram unremarkable whereas with array of drugs they administer for the CT scan gave me a woozy headache. As they say Keep Calm, live a healthy lifestyle and DON'T smoke!


Actually diagnosis is subjective even after angiogram . For me they loaded me piles of pills,tried stenting which failed , suggested cabg within 6 months . After 15 months I am fine without stenting and cabg .. I am sure I shall do good without medications also

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Thank you for your replies. I still coming to terms with it all.

I've been reading on this forum and it's sort of creeping up on me that it might be more serious then I thought.

Also something i haven't thought about but read on this forum is my already booked Summer Holiday abroad.

Would it be wise to cancel it as I probably will not have the angiogram before my holidays.

I was really looking forward to it, but i'm a bit scared it's not good for me health wise.

I just don't know what to do, how serious my condition is. I have had some pains behind me breastbone which I always thought came from my stomach, but now i'm thinking it might as well be Angina and it's worse since I found out my CT scan results.

So confused and scared at the moment.


I would ask your GP if you can go on holiday. If they that you can, do it and relax while you are there. Take some gentle exercise and enjoy yourself. Resting and enjoying yourself are probably among the best things for you right now. You could take up meditation (mindfulness) or Tai Chi to help with the relaxation.

Basic Mindfulness is very easy to learn. It is basically listening to and following your breathing, ignoring your thoughts. I keep a pad handy in case I have some great ideas.


Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately i've been told I have to cancel my holiday. Hopefully I can take it later this year.


Sorry you have to cancel your holiday! Downer!


I took up adult colouring, trouble is I get that absorbed in it that I look at the clock and three hours have passed. Still, it obviously does the job if it makes you forget everything including the time :)

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