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Follow up appointment update


Hello everyone

I posted to update early in the week that I had contacted PALs in frustration over a delay in receiving a follow up appointment with the consultant following a diagnosis of acute myocarditis at the end of June.

I rang PALs on Wednesday this week and received an appointment in the post today. Whilst I was reluctant to go down this route as I understand the pressures the NHS is under, it obviously worked. The relief is huge.

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Congratulations, maybe I'll have to try that! I hope the appointment is helpful.

Hi Curly

I can understand your reluctance to jump the queue but you owe it to yourself and those around you to take steps to avoid anxiety. You are newly diagnosed and will have a lot of questions about this condition that most likely came as a complete surprise and shock to you. Cardiac conditions are perceived by most people as very serious so you will obviously need to know how serious, what treatments can be given and what the future holds for you.

In my case, I was diagnosed with Heart Failure and after 6 months in the NHS system and no sign of treatment I reluctantly decided to take the Private route. It is most unfortunate that the NHS is under such pressure.

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Hi Ian

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I feel exactly as you describe. I hadn’t considered my actions as ‘jumping the queue’, as I’d hate to put others at a disadvantage, just prompting a response in what I would assume was a reasonable timescale. Then again, as we have no guidance on appropriate timescales, it’s hard to judge. I hope you are now able to receive your treatment in good time.

Best wishes

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Hi Curly

Thanks. I’ve now started my treatment plan. Even this is a slow process but that’s because it can’t be rushed. You have to wait for the heart to stabilise or recover at each step before deciding what the next step should be. It makes sense to try medication and minimally invasive procedures first.

I have used PALS a few times, when I have had problems, mainly due to admin issues, not medical. I have always found them helpful and in the end issues have been resolved

Well done and you are not queue jumping. I know the problem at my hospital lies with the secretarial staff. Numbers have been cut and consultants share secretaries. I had to resort to PALS to get the initial letter advising what medication I should have. My gp knew which statin the consultant preferred but could only start me on low dose until she had heard from him. After PALS intervened the letter arrived but dated a month after I had been to hospital and it had apparently taken another week or so to arrive! It is sad to see the NHS crumbling.

Well done, this was obviously the right thing to do. My care in hospital was outstanding but once you get discharged you are nolonger ‘so important’ and after care has been very disappointing.

Hope the apointment is helpful and you continue making steady progress.

Thank you so much for posting your experience with your appointments, after chasing appointments and getting fobbed off every time I have thought about contacting Pals but not done it afraid of being a nuisance. Your post has given me the confidence to do it and will on Monday.

Kind regards

Happy to be a help! Go for it and let us know the outcome.

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