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Follow up appointments

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Hi everyone, just an update. Following advice to keep contacting the cardiology department secretary to chase appointments that seem to be ‘lost’ in the system. As I feel like I’m still not getting anywhere,

I rang my GP today and was told that because the gp did not make the referral, I would have to chase consultant follow up appointments myself. Feeling rather frustrated, I decided I would contact the hospital PALs. I didn’t do this to complain, but to try and get some understanding of the post inpatient system. They took my details and said they would contact the cardiology department. Apparently they have 7 days to respond to me. If they don’t, then I am advised to speak tomPALs again. Hopefully this will be a prod in the right direction. I just want answers and to get on with my life. I am currently a cardiac bore😳

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Yes, I have the same issues! I just want to know what they're going to do and when - it should be an angiogram and then mitral valve surgery. It's impossible to plan anything without making sure it can be cancelled without huge cost. I know my cardiologist is up to his eyeballs, but it shouldn't take 2 months to get echo results and a decision!

Join me in banging heads against brick walls!

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I’ll let you know whether contacting PALs has helped. I too understand how under pressure the NHS is, but sometimes we need to be selfish I think when it comes to our own lives.

Let us know if you hear anything.

I’m in a similar position waiting to get an appointment with the cardiologist to discuss my echo results. I’m going to give it another couple of weeks ( which will take the wait to 3 months) and then start to complain. I know I could pay to see him and would get an appointment in just a few days but why should I? Luckily, I’m not waiting for decisions on surgery so the situation is not urgent just really annoying.

3 months is a long time. I thought my wait was excessive. I’ll post again if contacting PALs has moved things along. Please let us know when you finally get your appointment.

Best wishes

I’m afraid the hospital system here grinds so slowly. I’m also waiting for the results of a hip X-ray. Again not urgent but I’ve been told it could take 2 months for the consultant to check it and report to my GP!

I had the same issue and had to wait for chest pains for an appointment and got a quick appointment as it was urgent. This was a few years ago but my go refured me back due to chest pains.

Yes the same thing happened to me unfortunately your folder goes to the bottom and it seems to stay there, my next appointment is with the registrar on the 24th of September and if they send me a letter to say that it has been postponed I'm still going to turn up until I'm seen, as we all know you can sit there and people don't turn up for their appointments so that's what I'm betting on.

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