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Insurance for travel to U.S.A

I was diagnosed with Angina about 9 years ago and had an angiogram and 3 stents soon after. I take statins and beta blockers and aspirin when I remember (on average every other day) I have no symptoms now other than the fact that I am unable to run far or exert myself too much. I suppose that is down to the beta blockers.

I live a healthy diet now, I have a vegan girlfriend so I try to be less unhealthy.

I travel regularly to Spain where I have bought an old cottage and I have nearly finished restoring it.

I have this week booked flights to see my brother in the USA and find the travel insurance is more than the flights.

Are there any sympathetic insurance companies willing to take on a healthy angina sufferer with no symptoms?

Thank you all for your input. I have finally gone for Staysure (I even offered to go to the call centre in my town and do some press ups) The companies all use the same criteria and I just went with the cheapest through a cashback site which will knock off 25%. £443 for worldwide annual travel with a 50 day maximum stay.

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Hi there

If you look at the top of the page there is a pinned post covering insurance, plus our member will be along with their own experiences as well



Went to the USA with these guys above and had no problem

Used them this year and got all year round travel including the States no problem


Cheers I will give them a try


If over 50 StaySure are competitive.


Cheers I have found them the cheapest and presently 25% off through Topcashback


Try staysure


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