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Travel Insurance (Cardiomyopathy)

Hi all. I posted 4 days ago concerned about Travel Insurance after planned Angiography. I underwent the procedure on Tuesday and can now update.

Nothing untoward was found with my Coronary Arteries so no stents but abnormalities found with the heart muscle and diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy. Next stage will be a CMR to diagnose more specifically but Consultant stated he was happy for me to travel on holiday (flying to Madeira in two weeks time).

I duly informed my Travel Insurance Company - Cedar Tree - of diagnosis, medications, further test etc and awaited the bad news! To my delight (astonishment) I was told that, as I had taken out the insurance prior to the onset of symptoms, I am still covered and that there would be no change in premiums. This I was not expecting but we are now preparing to pack. Also as my cover is annual multi trip my next planned holiday in September will still be covered (condition permitting!!).

I hope others find this interesting and useful. I'm not sure other Insurance Companies will be so understanding.

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Have a great holiday. And fingers crossed you won’t need that insurance anyway


good news indeed, have a good trip



When I was updating my insurance with my Bank I was told the same, because I developed my problem after I had taken out the insurance, also annual, that I would be covered so long as my consultant agreed and at no extra cost.


Can I ask who you bank with? My travel insurance is linked to my bank account and has been in place for years; i underwent angioplasty last month :-(



Have a great holiday. Direct line not so accomodating. As soon as i tild them 8'd had a stent installed they immediately excluded any heart related condition even tho the event occured during After I'd taken out the policy.


I had mitral valve repair in January back in last week to take out internal stitch which was poking up and going on holiday in July. Need to know now had surgery had my check up that insurance companies will not charge me the earth for insurance?


After having a stent 9 year ago I have not had any problems until March this year. I thought I gad a virus but fainted and cold sweat so was taken into hospital.

Angiogram, Cardiogram and blood tests only showed that my protein levels were high. Neverthe less they said it was a NSTEMI ..Heart attack. Personally it didnt feel like one. But it's only my records. So nowhere my Travel insurence ha's gone sky high. 72yrs old and no follow up needed.?


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