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Thank you all, and there's always someone to listen or same experiences on here,dealing with a loved one mitral valve surgery


Firstly I'd like to thank everybody who took the time to respond to me and all of your kind words.I posted about my 37 year old younger sister needing mitral valve replacement and how I was finding it difficult to take in,and struggling to help my family deal with it also her children.

I can honestly say it's been the worst two weeks of our lives,and on the 14th a week today,my brave courageous sister has had her surgery and is home from hospital, resting for a while with our mum.Her surgery went as well as it could have,no complications and apart from her being in a lot of pain with her ribs,each day she is taking huge steps.They took her to theatre at 3.30 and at 7.30 she had arrived on ctccu and we were allowed to see her.By 11pm she was coming round,and was unventilated and didnt need any extra help,the day after when we got there they had sat her up in a chair.The day after back to the ward and on day 5 was released from hospital.

We were told she had been extremely lucky as the valve was described as being a "funnel" she consented to them using it for medical research.She now has warfarin for the rest of her life,12 weeks of rehabilitation and has to visit the hospital for any dental treatment.

This site helped me immensely and speaking to other families on the same ward did too,I was a nervous wreck but managed to hold it together, at times it was horrific and I fell to bits,but she did it and even though we tried our best to support her,it almost at times tipped me over the edge.

Anyone who needs to talk about anything themselves or a loved one,I'm hear to listen and am glad to share experiences,that surgeon saved my sisters life and for that I'll be forever grateful we all will.

I'm in Manchester if anyone needs support my ears are always open (and I know this because I can hear my sisters valve ticking away like a clock ;-)

Thank you


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Hi Joanne, I'm so glad your sister is doing well and that you kept it together for her. In some ways, I think this surgery is tougher on relatives than on friends, especially on surgery day. She may well have some bumps in the road as she recovers, so maybe plan some treats or outings - it's good for her to have something to look forward to.

Best wishes x

Thank you hun I can't wait till she can get back on her feet again xx

Hi Joanne

Glad to hear everything went so well. I’m sure with all the love and support your sister has she’ll make a great recovery. I totally agree with Mary’s comments, plan some short outings, nothing too strenuous to begin with as it can be tiring. My friend took me out to the local garden centre and we had a wander around and then stopped for tea and cake! How is she getting on with the warfarin? I’m lucky as my INR levels stabilised very quickly, but I know some people have struggled, it’s a case of watching the diet.

Hope her recovery continues to go well.

Wendy x

Thank you for the response,she's had two blood clots years ago and has the thrombophillia gene,I've been tested and I'm OK, she was on rivaoxaban but now the warfarin she was at the inr clinic today,forgot to ask her she's doing OK but like you say easily tires and sleeps xx

Hi hope your sister has a speedy recovery. I had mitral valve surgery in January. Went back to work after 9 weeks full time and just about feeling myself now. Thanks to Papworth hospital for such great care.

Good grief!!it's amazing what they can do and what us ourselves do to overcome and get over it,I think reading every detail every book and you tube helped her,I didn't want to know anything about it but she totally knew what to expect and she did every thing she was told to do,well done to you too for overcoming yours x

Glad to hear your sisters op went really well and her recovery is too. Bless you lovely, it's really hard on relatives and friends when your loved one goes through surgery especially ie heart surgery.

I have mitral valve regurgitation and looking at surgery to be repaired/replaced in the future. Reading about your sisters surgery has eased my mind a bit.

Wishing you and your sister all the best. Rie

Thank you rie means a lot xx

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