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Travel Insurance with Aortic Stenosis


Hi all.

My first post here. I am trying to get travel insurance for a holiday and on my first try I got all the way through to clicking the Pay button, entering my card details and clicking confirm. I had declared my Aortic Stenosis and thought that it was going through only to have a message displayed saying they are unable to insure me at this time and that I should phone them. Most annoying. Has anyone obtained travel insurance with this condition? Would be grateful for any advice.



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skid112Heart Star

Hi David

Welcome to the forum. There have been a few threads on here, the latest here has a few like and advise

Good luck


Hi, I didn't try to get travel insurance before my AVR as I didn't feel well enough to enjoy a holiday abroad, but after the op I had no trouble and the premium was very reasonable. Give them a call, they probably just want more detail such as what meds you are on, if any.

Good luck.

Always declare my AVR but never had a problem, just a bit higher premium.

MichaelJHHeart Star

I currently use a broker for al my insurance needs as I got fed up with doing things on line and then getting told to ring to provide further details. Personally I find it a pity so much has gone on line. If you have a medical condition or a high performance car things are far easier face to face.

We've always done it by phone cos they need to ask a few questions about any medical condition or medication, but never had a problem getting insurance - I had an AVR in 2011, splenectomy in 2016 and second AVR 8 weeks ago. Like the others have said, it just means paying a slightly higher premium. I think last holiday we used Staysure.


Try insurancewith, they have a simple form and l found them extremely reasonable, l also received a free Meerkat for the Grandson because l went through compare the market website. Sue.

Good question

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