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Ablation and dental question

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Hi I'm new here, 53 years old now, diagnosed with AF Feb 2017 after a sudden bad attack which followed a year of mild symptoms before. I found this site so useful to help reassure me when first diagnosed. Been on Bisoprolol since Feb 2017, Flecainide since Sept and now also on Apixaban following 4 admissions to hospital since Dec. AF has got more frequent and severe. Been on the waiting list for Ablation since 27/12, and was told yesterday it will probably be on 17/5 . I have had a dentist appointment this morning and whilst I don't have any problems (no plaque or gum problems) I have a crown which my dentist says in the long term may need removing as she can see on the x ray it has a defect near the base of it and may cause me problems in the future. I told her about the ablation and she said if they want her to remove it she can but you'll have to come off the apixaban a day or 2 before she removes it. I have only been seen in Cardio Clinic once and waited 6 months for that (all other times I've seen a cardiologist on a ward whilst I was admitted), its not as if I can ring and have a chat with a cardiologist to ask advice. I don't want to jeopardise the Ablation going ahead but obviously want to be safe. I understand I'll be called in for a pre-op, will they ask about my teeth then ? Or is it irrelevant ? I understand if having Heart Surgery your teeth condition is important but what about an Ablation which according to BHF website isn't surgery ? If the pre op is 2 weeks/ a week before and they want me have it extracted is that too late to continue with the Ablation ? As you can see its thrown me into a mild panic as I want to do everything I can to ensure the Ablation goes ahead having had some very bad episodes whilst waiting for 6 months. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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hi popsy, try the BHF helpline 0300 330 3311

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Thank you so much

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Great advice ! Phoned as suggested, spoke to a brilliant BHF nurse called Ashley, we had a really useful discussion about how to progress my questions with the dentist/ hospital. Such a great service I didn't know existed until today so many thanks again

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Whilst minimally invasive you cannot really say it is not an operation. Usually a local anaesthetic is used but in some cases a general is administered. Usually for heart operations the hospital require a sign off from your dentist to say there are no loose teeth, no outstanding work and no gum disease. As there is a potential problem there (even though very slight) I would sort it out now. The consultant and anesthetist can override the sign off on the day, and I have known this happen. My "Fitness for Surgery" was temporarily suspended after a tooth became infected and had to come out. They usually like to wait two weeks from last dental treatment but mine will be after the socket has healed (and that is going very slowly).

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PopsyD in reply to MichaelJH

Many Thanks for the advice, much appreciated.

Many thanks for the great advice.

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