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Travel Insurance - Florida, child with Pulmonary Stenosis

Hi All,

I was just wondering if anyone can recommend a travel insurance company that will cover my daughter's Pulmonary Stenosis for our fortnight in Disney, Florida? I have found companies that will for £167-£1200, but I've heard such horror stories about people having to battle to claim money rightfully owed to them that I wondered if anyone can recommend a company having placed a claim with them?

Many Thanks


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I always take out travel insurance, when travelling outside the EU and especially to the US. My premium jumped quite a bit post CABG but it wasn't hard to find a decent deal. I did what I always do and found the best deal I could from a company I had actually heard of. I work on the principle that if its someone who has been around a long time they are probably OK but all insurance companies will look for ways to not pay out or reduce what they pay out - read the small print before you part with your money.

Have a great holiday and hope you never have to use that insurance premium.

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Thank you Steve, good advice :-)


Hi E-L,

Think you might find our pinned post about travel insurance helpful - this topic comes up a lot!

Hope that's useful :)



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