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3 Days post CaBG

3 Days post CaBG, it feels like a fortnight, everything is hard work, just going out to the toilet and back, and during the night every hour on the half hour, up and about go toilet just get back to sleep go again. the body is quite swollen from water retention so it is just getting rid of the excess fluid. lots of aches and pains but sat still its pretty good but that cant be an excuse to not do anything, you have to keep slowly working the muscles, not go to the gym, you can use everyday things and just doing every day things will work you body.

Blessing and healings to you all


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Glad to hear you made it through the Surgery Charlie. The first 7 days are the hardest. It does feel like your chest has been hit with a sledgehammer.

Although its a pain getting up and going to the toilet its forcing you to get up and moving which is the best thing you can do.

How do your lungs feel? I was told to reguarly go through my deep breathing exercises in order to get the lungs at full capacity again. Its not easy when it hurts to breath in though.

All the best in your continued recovery. I'm 4 weeks post CABG and I can tell you it does get better everyday.




Hello Charlie good to see you back on your feet, please don't overdo it

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It's 17 years since my CABG and from experience you seem to be coping well. Listen to your body- sleep during the day if that feels right and get back into mild exercise (walking eg) on a slow, rolling basis. If offered a rehab class, grab it. And above all, enjoy every minute that the the surgeon's skill has added to your life. The best is yet to come

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Charlie, I have mine 7 weeks ago and felt like I’d been in a car crash when I got home. When you feel up to it a short walk will do you good. Remember not to pick up anything heavy, I was told over 1kg! If you do too much you’ll feel it. A nap every afternoon was something I really appreciated. So, rest up watch TV or read and walk about a little. It does improve.


well done, it took me 3weeks to get out of bed. lol but I took longer than most in ITU. take it easy,


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