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13 Days Post AVR

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Hi Everyone Im here!! Thanks for all of your messages of support and good wishes...Im getting stronger every day taking things slowly and listening to my body as you have all advised. Its so weird you cannot concentrate on reading/writing posts etc and you all told me this but until you experience it you cannot imagine how you will feel. Im so glad I had this forum before my op so I knew exactly what to expect, so all of you out there waiting for AVR read as much as you can from all the invaluable advice on here the worst part is the days before the operation once its done its all about getting stronger every day. So thanks again everyone for all of your words of wisdom and support you are all super stars xx

11 Replies
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Well done Dengump

You’ve made it through to the rest of your life. Remember small baby steps of goals in those first few weeks and you’ll benifit in the long run

I’m now 12 weeks post op AVR and I’m writing this from my sun lounger at the hotel H10 Conquistador in Tenerife I thought after everything I went through like you are going through I deserved s few days in the sun. When you have a bad day just let it go and think tomorrow will be a good day and it will !!! You’ve got great things ahead of you just be patient and positive

It’s fantastic news your doing so well and keep us all updated

Sending you love and hugs

Pete x

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MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Ticktock61

Sounds like you are having no issues with the Apixaban you went onto after stopping the daily injections. With a tan you will look fit at Christmas! :)

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Ticktock61 in reply to MichaelJH

Michael I decided not to take the Apixaban and let nature take its course and my body absorb it and it seems to be working no pain in the spot where the clot was so happy days 😀😀

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MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Ticktock61

I imagine a bit of warm sun, a Mediterranean diet, walking and the occasional glass of red are doing you more good! :)

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Ticktock61 in reply to MichaelJH

Yes it sure is

Thanks pal great to hear from you 😀

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Rugbymad in reply to Ticktock61

Hi Pete

Rugbymad (Martin)

Feeling great to hear you txt that your in Tenerife !! way to go pal !!

Started exercise recuperation phase 4 yesterday at NHS sponsored local leisure centre which is great dont have to travel to the hospital! !

Enjoy your holiday mate hopefully not to long before there's a cold beer and a sun bed waiting for me 👍

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Ticktock61 in reply to Rugbymad

Hi Martin

That’s fantastic to hear your doing well and you’ve started your cardiac rehab

You will get that sun bed and a cold beer soon

I feel shit this morning absolutely nothing to do with my heart I think I had one too many cold ones last night and sang too many songs on karaoke

Well we all deserve a treat now and again pal don’t we !!!!

Pete 👍

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MichaelJHHeart Star

I found concentration improved after about ten days out if hospital. In hospital I found the hourly observations made it hard to read a book (magazines OK) or follow a film on the TV. On discharge I just felt exhausted and kept nodding off. Don't worry true concentration returns quite quickly.

It sounds like you are doing well. Whilst thins continually improve most people get bad days thrown in!

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Great to hear you’re doing so well. My concentration was rubbish for a few weeks after my op, I would read a page go on to the next page and forget what I’d read, gave up after a few attempts and stuck to playing games on my tablet!

Keep up the good work.

Wendy xx

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Great news DenHump so pleased you’re on the “other-side”. Like you I found the people here so so helpful and understanding. 12 weeks post op for me ... really enjoying the confidence and fitness rehab has given me and have also started the integration back into work 😀 long road for all of us but we are all in it together

Gundoglady profile image

Fab news X

Rest is the key, take it easy and don't rush to get better X

My concentration was rubbish for a few months ( we all differ)

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