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Travel insurance advice please.


Hi l am about to book a holiday for Sep 2018, this will be 1 year 7 months post op. l do not have a heart condition but l have had surgery AVR, after sepsis and endocarditis but l do have a pacemaker, my consultant said l can fly short haul any time. Do any of you lovely people have experience finding a good company for 7 days on the Spanish mainland to save me trolling through every website on earth. Thanks if you reply, and could you please tell me how much you paid to give me some idea what to expect. Thanks so much, please get back to me as soon as you can as l need to book by 5 tomorrow to get a good price (no pressure then,ha ha) Take care gang. Sue x

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Hi I am with a company called, insure, I have heart failure, dilated cardiomyopathy, it was £112 for an annual policy for Europe, hope this helps char xx

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Thanks for your reply l will get a quote.Take care, Sue.

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I'm with staysure. One year Europe was 120 for me and the long suffering wife

Thanks for your reply, l will investigate further. Take care, Sue.

Hi I booked with Boots silver annual worldwide including cruise . £544 . Which was good price compared with others . I have angina. Good luck X ps this is for a couple

Thanks for your reply Plum l will look into that.Take care. Sue.

Having bought travel insurance recently, I think you will find cost will depend on your age, condition, where you are going and how long for, so it is unlikely that anyone will be able to give you a meaningful ball park figure . The 2 insurance brokers I spoke to asked the same question set and the quotes were similar, possibly because they were selling the same underlying policy. Answering the questions precisely can be a challenge, e.g. you may be on blood pressure medication but never have had high blood pressure. This is the page I started on

Hi lan thanks for your reply, all sites seem to be obsessed with the pacemaker not the AVR. This is the same with the DVLA, although they have said l can drive. l find this very strange! l will go to the page you suggested. Thanks and take care. Sue.

Perhaps I am missing something, but if you are travelling to the Spanish mainland that's hardly a third world country. I live in Southern Spain and a year ago had life threatening arrhythmia and subsequently had an ICD and the treatment I received was as good if not better than what I would have got from the British NHS. I flew to Italy a few weeks ago and relied only on my EHIC, I could have taken insurance but my condition would not have been covered.

Thanks Alan, l think l have found a reasonable one now. Lucky you living in Spain. l have been told that one of the best heart hospitals in Europe is in Barcelona so thats handy. Take care. Sue.


Hello. I posted for the very first time a couple of weeks ago under the heading "Need a mortgage for travel insurance"

Not too sure how you can find my post but I received lots of advice and followed with a suggestion from dandymom. Thanks again.

Having spoken to Mia Travel insurance I have posted some info regarding places they wouldnt insure my husband to go to. Would you believe Lanzarote is one of them but OK for Tenerife.

I appreciate your symptoms are different to my Husbands but give Mia travel a call as they literally came in thousands of pounds difference.

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