6 Weeks post CRTD Op.. A & E visit and Dancing !

Hi all

So I have now passed the 6 week milestone and feel much relief that my wires still seem intact ( this was my biggest fear).

I must say that overall I have felt heart wise so much better... my dizzy faint periods have stopped. I don't appear to get breathless anymore and I sleep well and wake up refreshed. No more fatigue. But it has been a journey .... as it is for us all so just wanted to share my experience this far.

As some of you know from my previous posts my first 2 weeks I recovered really well. My scar healing nicely and was feeling so good and walking to shops... catching buses ( as unable to drive) that I decided to go back to work part time.

I now see that this was a little too early... And although I went back part time I felt a lot of aches and soreness.... especially under my arm.. . And the device itself felt heavy... sore... And sometimes a burning feeling. By Sunday the pain under my arm and down my right side was very bad...in the end I rang 101 and they organised an ambulance to check me out. I was put on Gas and Air ( the best high since I gave up drinking πŸ˜€) and was taken to A & E to be checked out.

I have to say my poor son... who had selflessly looked after me for weeks... had finally gone out the night before to have a few drinks with his mates.... And so the 9 am trip to the hospital resulted in my lying in the ambulance with my gas and air... And my son holding a sick bag and looking very green. He did hold it together... just.

The hospital carried out lots of tests... including a chest x ray which showed all my wires were intact... the defibrillator had not gone off and my CRTD was pacing my heart.

So what was theissue... apparently this was healing pains ! When tissue and muscle are knitting together it can lead to some intense pains ... sometimes. I felt such a wimp... but the Dr was marvellous and said it can be very painful. He then gave me strong painkillers in case it happened again... I am glad to report it hasn't come back with that intensity... So paracetamol and the occasional ibuprofen have worked.

After this I insisted with work that I stayed on part time for another week... And have also booked a day holiday each week to make sure I am not doing too much.

I also realised that with going back to work and moving around more... my device didn't seem very supported. So I went out and tried on new bras... And have now bought 2 bras which give my device much more support... which stopped a lot of the soreness and aching ... So A lesson for me

One of the things I did on a practical level was to have my hair cut short to help me post op... as I wanted to have a style that did not need much blow drying ... to protect my left arm from picking up heavy things.

I recently went out with a group of friends for a 50th party... first dressing up outing.... had felt very nervous... self conscious...and wanting to feel pretty and back to Normal.

My first encounter of the evening was with a lady ( who is aware of my recent op) who commented " oh my god your hair is short" I responded that yes I have recently had it cut.

To which she responded " but it's very very short" and another person there asked me to get him a pint from the bar. I explained I couldn't as I can't lift heavy things yet with my left arm. His responses " not that old chestnut.. how long are you going to use the op excuse"

Any self confidence flew out the window... I felt ugly and different and for the first time felt really upset... i left as soon as i was able. I also cancelled the blind date I had organised.

However my girlfriend's came to the rescue. They rallied round and last night a few of my lovely friends and I went to a Whitney tribute night. I had a fab time... I even got up and danced to a couple of songs ( altho I was nervous of how I would feel dancing... I felt great! And no shortness of breath... I was still careful with by left arm ... but lots of wiggling with my right arm. 😁 it was fabulous to be dancing.... to be surrounded by my fab friends... And feel good about myself.

I have also booked a weekend away in the Cotswolds for end of November.... And a cruise for next September! I have never been on a cruise before but as a solo traveller this now feels like an ideal way for me to travel without the stress. πŸ˜€

So onwards and upwards... have learnt a lot... be kind to my body.... choose friends carefully.. .. And enjoy my new found stronger heart.


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  • Hello heartlady, glad you are doing so well, don't let the idiots grind you down you look fabulous. Enjoy your weekend away and your cruise

  • Hi Skid... thank you... it's just hard when you are feeling vulnerable.. . But you are right. And dancing in the aisles with true friends ... I got back my mojo 😁.

  • Hello Heartlady,

    So pleased to hear that you are doing so well despite overdoing it and the negative attitudes of some. Glad you were able to enjoy a fun night out with true friends.

    Onwards and upwards, keep dancing!

    Dory xβ€οΈπŸ’•β£οΈ

  • Thanks dory... I am definitely on the mend from the op and heart wise feeling great. And will remove the negatives in my life and focus on an exciting future now I have my device 😁 x

  • That’s the spirit!

    I have my open heart surgery a week today, a day later than planned as my surgeon is on holiday this week. The results of the second TOE reveal that I also have a hole in the heart which will be repaired at the same time as the other procedures. That brings the tally to five procedures, I don’t do things by halves! Ha! Ha!

    Dory xβ€οΈπŸ’•β£οΈ

  • Oh Dory.... five operations! You are amazing. I hope all goes well and that you heal quickly... And then can start moving on with life as I now feel able to. Give it a few months and think we should meet on that dance floor. 😁

    Seriously though all the best for next Monday and do let us know how things go. Xxx

  • I had a bypass in June - scar was okay. After 6 weeks and driving again boy I felt some pain - mainly muscular, nerve and skeletal.

    The healing process can be very painful, nothing to do with the heart!!

    Take it easy!

  • Thanks Heather... yes it was just the wound healing .... which of course is a good thing .... And yes my heart is doing great... which is the main thing. I just felt a bit silly being rushed to hospital for healing pains πŸ˜€ but everyone was lovely and so kind. X

  • I was told by my GP better be safe than sorry so I think you did the right thing. Some of my pains didn't make any sense but I popped a few more co-codomal and the pain nearly went away. I haven't taken a pain killer in well over a month now so hopefully the worse is behind me (I hope)

    I am sure they were lovely and kind as you have been though enough, no need to feel silly.

  • PS 5 months later and I still can't lift or move anything too heavy - well I have had a heart bypass after all!! I don't care if people think it's an excuse, IMHO it's a big deal!!

  • I totally agree Heather that we take care and not lift or do anything that could damage our recovery. And to listen to our doctors advice. I guess I was just outlining some crass comments that did knock my confidence for a little while and that was so uncalled for.

    My solution is to now avoid these people as I only want to be around people who are supportive and positive. And I do have some fabulous friends. Guess I was just shocked about how some people can behave but now it's onwards and upwards.... And dancing πŸ˜€ carefully! Xx

  • Hi Heartlady,

    I don't lift anything 6 months on and I don't intend to lift anytime soon either. So pleased you are doing well.

  • Ha ha Twobells that sounds like a plan to me too. I have already organised home delivery shopping... which is fab. I Have a cordless light Hoover. My son now mowes my lawn .....why not make life as easy as possible. 😁 and yes doing great....i I hope you are too x

  • I'm doing great, but there was a time when I thought I wouldn't get to this point. But since I've filled my time in doing things I spend less time worrying about what happened and try and just do a day at a time. Saying that I've already booked my two annual trips to Cornwall for 2018. Take Care

  • Hi Twobells.... I fully understand that trauma of worrying if we can survive the diagnosis... And we go through so many emotions along the way.

    I have too have gone through these emotions... And of course would rather not have HF however... surpringly.... I now feel lucky. Firstky..My heart issues have been found and I am being looked after and checked more than most of the popular. Secondly....i appreciate my family and friends and spend good quality time with them all.

    Thirdly ... I don't worry about the little stuff anymore...in fact I feel liberated that I don't.

    Andlastly...i have changed my focus to enjoy life more... work is really not important... but planning hols and organising the next fun thing is the important thing now.

    Well done for booking TWO holidays! You will I am sure have a fab time xx

  • I also have home deliver groceries. I started immediately after the operation and will keep going till after Christmas. The delivery drivers are all great, I have delivery in bags and the delivery men put the bags on the settee (as I asked) I then unpack them slowly on my own.

  • Well I think you look fabulous,

    And the person who kept going on about how short your hair was is only jealous, and the chap that asked you to fetch his beer 🍺 I would have carried it with two hands then accidentally tipped it all over him and said β€œtold you I can’t lift heavy item β€œ

    Enjoy your weekend in the Cotswolds.

    Go on that blind date because you don’t look a day over fabulous πŸ’•β€οΈ

  • Aw thank you Kazsumm. That's so lovely of you ❀ i am afraid man is long gone and maybe I am not quite ready to date yet.

    I did laugh at your beer solution... wish i had thought of this at the time πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ now that would have put a smile on my face 😁.

    Apart from that one night all has gone really brilliantly... And I have had some amazing support so am very thankful and lucky. And being able to dance again is just the icing on the cake.

    And lovely comments like yours have really helped me to ignore those silly remarks. So thank you x

  • Your welcome and as

    Strictly says

    β€œKEEP DANCING β€œ πŸ’ƒ

  • Argh, people! I'm so cross at the morons who sapped your mojo with their thoughtless comments, especially since you are pretty much my all-time favourite mojo booster. Honestly, I practically tear up when I tell my husband how good your comments and messages make me feel! πŸ˜‚

    I'm so glad that you have picked yourself back up already and that you have plenty of good friends (as well as a lovely son by the sounds of things) to spend your valuable time with. Long may the good times continue, and I'm sure they will, what with the two trips on your horizon!

    I feel sorry for your blind date - he missed out on the catch of the century. Lots of love, lovely lady xxx

  • Awww thank you Laura ( aka wonder woman) you brought a tear to my eye ( happy tears)

    And delighted to be known as Mojo booster! I feel my mojo is now super charged.

    I am feeling very lucky and blessed... to have such lovely friends including you lovely lot... my new friends 😁.

    And one of my many saying is... the best revenge.....is to be happy. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€.

    I have another new saying .......

    With my CRT device....

    I have a new lease of life.

    Cheesy but true.

    Happy Monday Laura and all of us heart winners 😁 xx

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