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CRT-D Mark 2, New Date Confirmed


Hi All

So as some of you may know, I have had a bit of a setback with my new device, All was going well, 6 months in, when one of my leads came out. At first I was angry with myself feeling that I must have done too much and made this happen. I have been telling the ICD team for sometime that my device seemed to "Fall out" when I bend down or roll over in bed, and was told that this was normal as the device is heavy and does move.

Ok so now it transpires that this is not normal, and a little movement is fine but it should not be "falling out" and I have also discovered that all of my leads were put in too tightly, There should be slack for the leads to move as our body moves (logical) so not only has one lead come out but the other two are very tight and are at high risk of also falling out!!! Gulp.

I have now finally got a date to go in for my next op to hopefully put all this right. Thursday 29th March, which does feel a long way off but I am sure will come round fast. They will remove the lead that has come out, fix another in place, loosen off the others and put my device back in a deeper position. Sounds a bit painful to me, but definitely need to get this done soonest as currently everything is switched off and I need to get back to feeling good, which the CRT does very well.

As some of you may know I called my device Kurt, however after this ,my girlfriends have said yet again a man has broken my heart :-) and within 6 months has caused me pain and upset. SO with the new op coming, my girlfriends have suggested a rename to Kate, as Kate will be a buddy, and as a girl she will be loyal and friend for life. Now although I liked the idea of having Kurt on my chest !!!! I think its now going to be Kate the girlfriend buddy that I have close to my heart. Cant wait to meet her at the end of March, a great Easter present dont you all think :-)

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Hi Heartlady,

I’m so sorry to hear about all the problems you have been having with Kurt. Hopefully Kate will do a better job, good luck for your op on the 29th.

With love, Dory x💕

Heartlady1 in reply to Ethel13

Thanks Dory ...

They keep telling me only 1% of patients have this issue..... just wish I was a 99%er lol. And yes can't wait for Kate and me to become good friends x

Hi Heartlady, sorry to hear about you and Kurt parting company but sounds like you'll be better off without him. I have a good feeling about Kate, I feel she's the right one for you. X

I thought I was the only one that had a name for my device but my daughter has decided that my ICD is to be known as 'Frank' after a 70s rock star. Can anyone guess who Frank is and why him? Prize for winner to be announced. 😊

Hi Alex .... Frank Zappa? Cos Frank can zap you? Did I win... do I get a prize 😂😂

Well done you! Right first time! I'm giving you your prize right now....a round of applause, enjoy lol 👏

skid112Heart Star

Hi heartlady, really sorry to hear Kurt let you down, fairly typical shoddy workmanship, hoping Kate us much better and looks after you.

Take care Mark

Heartlady1 in reply to skid112

Thanks Mark.... although there are lots of you lovely men out there.... and I have lots of men friends.... yourself included I have never been very good at having relationships with men 😂😂 and this finally proves it lol. So I hope Kate and I can be life long girl friends 😁 fingers crossed....

I have a good feeling about Kate. You and she will be BFFs, I know it. Hope the procedure/recovery is not too bad x

Thanks Laura.... they want to send me home the same day!! So I am hoping that's because procedure is less invasive ... rather than because it will be Easter Bank holiday. Fingers crossed as I now have a social life don't they know 😂😂

Yes, the 29th will be here before you know it, and you'll be much more comfortable I'm sure. Take care in the meantime.



Heartlady1 in reply to MKB38

Thanks Margaret.. .. I am currently feeling pooped as they have had to switch device off.... so looking forward to be turbo charged again .... and yes as you say more comfortable too. At least I know what's coming ... and I will start my fitness regime much earlier this time 😀 she says after just eating half a chocolate orange 😂😂well it is mother's day x

MrsbeevintageHeart Star

You have been through the mill a bit lately but your positive attitude is inspirering won't be long before you and your new 'girl' friend are back on track ...take care till then .

Oh Heartlady1 I can't believe it! Kurt was supposed to be your knight in shining (titanium) armour. Tut! I'm sure Kate will treat you much better. Seriously though, what a pain having this happen to you. However it's nice to see you are still smiling. I hope you have a quick recovery and feel as good as new in no time.


Trust me ladies.... I have my moments! But then I pick myself up and know that I have to have this to feel good... so I just try to focus on the positives... not least having 3 weeks off work in the spring time 😁 x

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