May have pushed too hard walking

After 9 weeks from aortic valve replacement I'm becoming maybe over confident after Just returning from a brisk walk and taking hilly routes testing my heart I think I pushed too hard after noticing my heart rate was 140bpm and I felt little anxious as I could feel I'd dare not walk faster especially up a slight hill. I had to slow down my breathing and walking. Hadn't done that before but managed to walk home slowing down gathering my breath. Reassuring I phoned my wife in case heading home. We met and it took some time for my heart rate to become calm down. A good 20 minutes.

I'm lying down getting a better rested heart rate at 83bpm at the moment.

My chest is still little tight from surgery but healing well and I've just been taking blood pressure tablets 5mg Amlodipine meantime for few weeks.

Regarding my experience, Is this normal?

Thought I'd be able to raise my heart rate feeling OK?

Probably not, at the moment. Just not ready.

I'm in third week of rehab and my heart rate is usually 115-120 max.

Any advice?

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  • 140 is too high so soon though you should be fine, what's your normal at rest? . Did they give you a max at rehab?

  • rest it's normally 81. At bedtime its 75-73. Might take some magnesium to really relax as this usually works well

  • Nothing really set exactly from rehab as things are a bit introductory at the moment. I'll ask them but although I've a polar watch at least I can gagdge my max at any time.

    I guess it's a feel factor thing.

  • No advice but going to state the bloomin' obvious - listen to your body! From personal experience you have to give it a bit of trial and error and overdoing it can be okay as long as you then slow down. I have overdone things with sorting out my new kitchen and have been lifting things I shouldn't (and I am 14 weeks post surgery for a bypass) I have been feeling very very well, but my body has told me to slow down. PLEASE do the same. If you feel okay tomorrow then it sounds to me if no permanent damage done but slow your pace for now. Hopefully you'll be fine. I just realised - this is advice!!! LOL!

  • Thanks Heather. I'm such the athletic type I got myself in a twiddle. Will monitor how I am over this weekend and won't be pacing too fast for a solid 25 minutes.

  • As a stubborn man who has been known to overdo it I echo Heather's comments. Listen to your body, this does get easier as you progress thru rehab and into your recovery. Today I'm guessing you'll be feeling it so I'd advise a day of rest, light exercise if you feel up to it maybe a short walk

  • Cheers. I got a right ear-full from my wife! 😂 . I'm surely listening and lesson learnt! 👍🏿

  • Haha, been there and received the same alongside the daughters and son as well!

  • You seem to have good advice from everyone i had quad bypass and aortic valve replacement 2 yrs ago and have regular dog walking up hill,sometimes you get breathless slightly but find if you walk slower that helps. On the flat i am okay.But i dont think you should be too hard on your self,dont go over the limit when your body tells you.

  • You already seem to realise that you pushed it too far. I think a lot of us have thought we're up for doing more than we should at times and have suffered the consequences so don't beat yourself up about it. You only relapse once, maybe twice, by exercising too hard and you soon realise you're not doing yourself any favours. Push yourself by all means, just do it in small stages.

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