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Are all my troubles connected? Heart, digestion & Amlodipine

I had a mitral valve replaced nearly 2 years ago and had various complications due to an allergy to Amiodrone (for reversing AF). One of the results was anaemia. Earlier this year I was diagnosed with a bile duct blockage (itchy all over and weird digestive system together with increased anaemia). The doctors eliminated a liver problem (ultrasound), pancreatic tumour (MRI scan) and were about to do an endoscopy to look for a gall stone as the cause, when the stone shifted of its own accord. Shortly afterwards I developed other digestive problems and then failed the bowel screening test and had a colonoscopy, which found polyps, which were not malignant. This might explain the increasing anaemia.

That set me thinking. Why was I having all these problems and were they connected? I started reading up on the side effects of the drugs I am on and reckoned that I have, often in very mild form, many of the side effects listed for Amlodipine. My GP said that Amlodipine is only for high blood pressure and since I may not be suffering from that anyway, just drop the drug and monitor my BP. So far, after 4 days, I feel I have a more normal digestive system than at any time since the op. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

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Hi FMW, haven't had such an experience. Wow you have really been through it. Many on here can relate to side effects on the many medications we all take. Previously I have just taken whats prescribed and got on with life, never reading the leaflets that come with the drugs. Now I read, digest, and read again. If i recognise any if the side effects i will take myself off to the GP and request a replacement.

I hope someone will be along shortly and provide first hand experience and hopefully now your issues are clearing up


Thanks Skid. Its a question of how often you read the side effect list, without becoming neurotic!

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Haha, indeed and some of them just scare the pants off me


Hello there - well, you've hit the nail on the head really. Everything is indeed connected! Often we have to make a compromise between one body function and another.


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