Happy Wednesday

Happy Wednesday

Afternoon all from a very warm and sunny Spain. Different kind of exercise here, this morning was hosing and sweeping down the ratio and pool area before it became too warm, it was 24 degrees at 8 am (now at 3.30 it's a cool 36). Then food shopping, as much as the big supermarkets have air con, filling your trolley with 5 litre casks of water is no joke and as I drink half of one of these on a normal day in England I'm going to try to up it to 3 1/2 To 4 litres here.

Not doing to much sunning myself first few days as it does irritate the scars, I intend to walk early mornings as where we are there are a number of hills that need exploring. My wife is detailed with the 'that's far enough for today' instructions. The local village fiesta begins later today with the children's foam party in the square, there are fairground rides, side shows and then live music from tomorrow night until Sunday. They start at 11pm and go on till 3 am followed by fireworks. Dancing exhibitions lots to do, drink and eat. I feel quite exhausted thinking about it haha, the picture is from two years ago the last time we went to the Sunday afternoon paella, cooked by the local mayor and his team

Have a lovely day all

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  • Have a nice time!

  • Hi skid, how lucky you are. I'm post op, caught MRSA and needing another op to rewire sternum. Wife and me spend nearly half the year in France and Spain in our Motorhome. Hoping to return to that next spring. How long post op are you? To be able to do so much. Did you manage any medical insurance or just ehic?

  • Last November, so 9 months, insured through staysure, not too bad. Swimming has irritated the wiring, a tad sore this morning but feels muscular rather than anything else. Bad news about he rewiring sorry to hear that, everything else going Ok?

  • Yes, leg wound dry, walking seems ok. I'm day 23 in hospital now, mentally near my limit. Today fighting to go home for 6 nights until the next surgical list. The MRSA nearly killed me as it shut down my kidneys. Great your doing so well.

  • Thats not so good, hope they let you out as that's a long time in

  • Hi chrsfrm, came across your comments about mentally near your limit. Stay strong, its so hard l know, l spent 92 days in hospital after nearly dying twice. l had sepsis which ate my heart valves, then infective endocarditis, AVR then a redo after 5 weeks and really nasty delirium with terrible dreams. lnfection in the pacemaker which had to be relocated and a mouth full of yellow fungus a reaction to my antibiotic drip. On the plus side l did lose 2 stone of fat and learned how to cook new meals from come dine with me, decorating ideas from homes under the hammer, and there is nothing l don`t know about the secret life of crows. lt sounds like l am a sad being, to focus so much on the tv but it helped me. The only other alternative is to sit singing "pop goes the weasel" all day and night. You don`t want that! Take care.

  • Wow. That puts my situation into perspective. I've no idea how you coped with that. The MRSA nearly killed my kidneys and probably me. Hopefully the rewire and debridement of tissue and bone will be the end. Thanks for the reply.

  • Hi chrsfrm, you have got through so much and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel at home, well done you!!! lt was 6 months ago but l am much better and looking forward to the future at last. There still are dark days and s**t flashbacks but listening to this lovely gang of people really helps, you are not alone in your feelings. Good tip is to play on" you tube" the song "fight song" the lyrics are inspiring. Try and stay positive, it is hard but it will save your sanity and l`m sure you will live to a ripe old age it is proven. No one, except my hero Consultant at Bristol BRI really expected me to survive but with his amazing skills twice, and the fact l am such a fighter l got there. l am now going to buy the most amazing expensive girly blue shoes!!! l deserve it.(Don`t tell my Husband) Take care always here if you you need to chat!

  • Sounds fun, where in Spain? Have a great time .

  • East coast, Costa Almeria, near Garrucha

  • Have a great time, relax and enjoy

  • Hello in sunny Spain,

    Glad to here you are having a great time skid112.

    Great to read a possitive that will help everyone see it does get better.

    I hope you, your wife & the kids have lots more of the fun in the sun.

    Don't worry about us jelious people back here, we'll get over it, mmmmm......😊

  • Just an update, for those planning a holiday. 9 months on and it's still uncomfortable laying face down even with cushioning under the scar.

    Swimming is fine if a little sore after, even breaststroke has been tried.

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