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Heart conditions

Welcome to our new online community! Here's a space for you to discuss your heart conditions with each other. Heart and circulatory disease affects millions of people across the UK, so you're not alone. Whether you've had a heart attack or a stroke, been diagnosed with coronary heart disease or are living with the long term effects of heart failure, this is a place for you to to share your experiences with others who may be living with these conditions too.

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Acquired Long QT

Recently found out I have this and trying to find others who have it too. I have other heart problems but feel that this is a pretty scary one how do you cope with it?



I take it no one got back to you on this.

I have just looked it up. Again it looks like if they are on to it & you are now being treated for it, you will be absolutely fine.

Let us know how it goes with treatment etc. Take care now, Jo :)


Hi Jo, thanks for replying I came off the drug they think is doing it which has made my sciatica etc more painful. The Neurosurgeon I saw yesterday doesn't think it's caused it and not happy the Cardiologist just told me to come off it. I have come off it slowly and been fully off it for two weeks. But my next follow up is end of September so no idea if it's worked. I am now living in more pain than before so not really feeling that they are treating it.

They all treat their part of the body and say you need to follow up with the other specialist which of course is months later.



Oh that sounds a bit like me.

I have other health issues too. Like back & other joints, muscles etc. Got MRI next month, so hopefully they'll sort that problem.

Few other things & I think a lot of it is to do with my thyroid issue. I'm sure it all interconnects?


Hi again yep its all great fun! Back problems are awful...had three spine ops already. Just saw the Neurosurgeon yesteray reherniated the same level for the third time. Just saw the Boob Dr today so all go!! Ever felt like you are just falling to pieces?? I don't know much about Thyroid problems but I firmly believe we should treat the whole body as it is connected to the other bits! What heart issues do you have if you don't mind me asking?



Yeah no worries.

Heart attack Sep 2014

Single bypass Nov 2016

AF issues finally diagnosed December 2016.

Not been feeling great recently. Gp sent me to cardiac drop in.

The the nurse pratishaner said she doesn't' think there is any new isdues/episodes with the heart. She thinks it is anxiety, as I have been thinking myself.

She is going to talk to cardiologist consultant & organise a scan, just to be sure......


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