BHF's Community Guidelines

Our community is a place for people affected by heart disease to find support and information.

The BHF team is here to support you and answer your questions, but please remember that any specific health questions should be taken to your doctor or specialist. If you have an urgent health issue call 999 or NHS direct on 111. If you'd like to have a chat with a cardiac nurse or heart health adviser please call our Heart Helpline on 0300 330 3311, open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.

When using the community, please do not:

- Post real names of the doctors or nurses treating you, or specific hospital teams.

- Post personal details of others, known both within and outside of the community

- Post anything that could be interpreted as self-publicity (including spamming – posting the same or similar message in many discussions), advertising (including pyramid selling and chain letters), selling or soliciting. If you’re discussing fundraising or events for us, feel free to add links where appropriate.

- Post anything unlawful – for example, sending or posting material that is indecent, racist or defamatory, or harassing and threatening.

- Post any third-party material that infringes any legal rights – for example, copyright or other proprietary rights

- Post private email addresses anywhere in the community. There’s a Private Message function, which is very useful if you’d like to talk to a member of the community on a one-to-one basis, and is a more secure way to share email addresses.

We want our community to be a welcoming place, where members feel safe and supported. If you have any questions, or ideas for how we can improve the community, we’d love to hear from you!

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8 Replies

  • Nice to see this post. I'm living with the dreaded heart disease. I'm 39.. been 2 years now, 1 stent. People say I'm young, the way I see it is their are younger than me. Cant thank the doctors and nurse's enough for everything they do.

  • Thank you for letting me be a member. I`m waiting for an operation on my heart and thought i would like to join.

  • My hubby just been diagnosed with chd at 48 . He's not taking it well at all. I'm stressed he's worse.

    His arteries 90%blocked !awaiting sent

    Still haven't seen a consultant as it's all been so quick

  • Thank you for welcome. It is myself that has heart problems. I like to read others experiences and to offer support when I can. X

  • Thank you. I have just joined today. I don't feel so alone with my diagnosis, and all the baggage that comes with it.

  • Welcome Bee70! It's comforting to read other posts and experiences of heart problems. Makes one feel part of a community who understand our fears

  • Thank you for the welcome. I have had three heart attacks and three stents; at the moment there have been some changes in how I feel and various things are being tried so I know that should I have any queries (for reassurance) I'm in the right company.

  • A lot of very helpful people here, some will have gone through similar to you and are more than happy to relay their experiences

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