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Introducing our Heart Stars

Afternoon all,

The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that a couple of our lovely members have a special badge on their profiles, naming them as ‘Heart Stars’ – and I wanted to let you know what that means!

We’re looking out for active members of our new community to work with us as Heart Stars, to shape the community and help us make it a warm and welcoming place for people to talk about anything related to heart disease.

Our Heart Stars will be acting as friendly faces for members - helping people navigate through the community, referring people to existing threads that might be helpful, and telling me and the rest of the BHF team what we can do to make it a better experience for everyone.

It’s all very informal and dependent on how much time they'd like to spend helping us with the community, but it should mean that we have a great team to keep our new home ticking over well.

I’m sure the Heart Stars we’ve badged-up already will say hello, but if you’d like to join their ranks and be a part of our community team, I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to drop me a private message and I’ll happily tell you more :)

Thanks everybody!


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Hi I am Geoff and I was given the honour of being one of the Heart Stars on the Community. I had a Heart attack 7 years ago at work as a baker at ASDA, was whipped up to Southampton General hospital at 6 am and was up in the CCU by 9am having had Angioplasty and 2 stents. Three days later I was home and 12 weeks later I returned to full time work. I retired last October at 65 having spent a lifetime as a Baker. I have continued regular contact with the BHF since and had an article about my experiences in Heart matters magazine and this led to a permanent record on my story in one of the excellent booklets that are available to members. If I can be of any help to other member please feel free to contact me on here and I will do my best to help you.



Hi, some of you will already know me. I am Mark and I too have the honour of being a Heart Star. My heart attack occurred 26th October last year, rapidly followed by quad bypass 4th November, a big hearty thank you to the Royal London and to Barts. I was home on the 9th, partly due to stubbornness. I am still slowly recovering but am back in full time work and slowly notching up the old exercise regime. My plan is to walk Hadrians Wall next year to raise funds for the BHF.

I am here partly to help others, partly to help me and partly to help knowledge grow of the enormous help the BHF and the NHS do for other heart sufferers.

Echo Geoff's last sentence, if I can be of any help then drop me a message, or stick something on the forum, usually around (wife says too much!!)


Hi Jo,

Is the "Heart Star" the same as being a "Braveheart" ambassador up here in Scotland? It does look very much like a similar remit

If so, could I have "Braveheart Ambassador" or "Heart Star" badge profile against my name?

Don't care that people will know that I am in Scotland,

However, I do care that I am part of a charity that caters for the whole of the UK and not just the home counties as a lot of other "national" charities do.

Please don't become one of them!




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