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Starting with Cymzia


Hi All,

Hope all are fine.

I want to know if anyone went through similar Situation.

I am 27 and have a 2 year old baby. Diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis 10 years before. But for the past 4 years i was able to manage it just with naproxen and salazopyrin.

But for the past 4 months salazopyrin is not working and my inflation and pain has increased. As i am planning for 2nd pregnancy, i cant try Methotrexate. And my rhymtologist is suggesting that i try CYMZIA. As it is pregnancy safe.

But i am completely confused. during my 1st Pregnancy, my pain was very much manageable. My biggest dilemma now is:

- Don't take any tablets. Start planning pregnancy and after baby take all tablets and treatment. (I am at least 80% certain that i can manage my Arthritis pain )

- or Start with Cymzia for 6 months and think about 2nd baby after 12 months depending on my body and condition.

Any suggestions or help ?



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Hi syd_syd, is sounds like a very rough decision. You're so very young, and I while I haven't been in your shoes specifically, I would be hesitant to take any medications I wasn't sure of while trying to have a baby. I can say I've had 5 miscarriages within a few years after taking methotrexate back in my 20s. I hadn't taken it for a few years and doctors said it would be okay, but I wonder to this day if permanent damage was done from it and I carry a fair amount of guilt about it.

You're doctor is the best person to advise you on this, and I wish you the best with everything.

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