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psoriathic arthritis


Ive been reading this website for some time now and I finally decided to write down my situation to hopefully someone could give me an idea :)

Ive been diagnosed with psoriathic arthritis and have immense pain both on my spine and my joints. there arent any part of me that doesn't hurt actually. Although my blood tests were normal I cant bear this pain anymore and I get scared thinking what if this never gets treated.My doctor suggested me to start a new kind of treatment, Humira. I did my first injection 5 days ago with no problems and had my hopes up for it. Now that its been 5 days and I dont feel any reduction with my pain I became depressed. Is there an optimal timeline where Humira takes effect? How long do I need to wait for it to start reducing the pain? Should I be worried now, or basically for how many weeks do you suggest me to wait?

Thanks for reading.

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Hello there. Do not despair! Humira can take ages to take effect, a couple of months at least. That will sound absolutely awful to you I'm sure, but the thing is, the wait can most definitely be worth it. I've been on Humira for about 20 months. I saw some definite improvement after about 6 weeks but that has continued, sometimes in stops and starts but I just seem to feel better and better.

As a general rule, PsA pain responds well to movement. That may or may not be what you want to hear but from what I've heard that is particularly true if you have spinal involvement. So anything you can do at all, from gentle stretching to walking to swimming, yoga ... tai chi .... anything will help. And you have to keep it up.

Your pain does sound dreadful however. So in addition to the waiting game and keeping moving, why not phone your rheumy (is there a patient helpline?) and let them know that you are seriously struggling. Hopefully there will be some additional pain relief available. I hope things go well for you. I honestly think that the more we learn about this disease and the way it is treated the better.

Hi laid back, Postle2 has it right I've been on humira for 4 months and things are getting better. I know it's not the same for everyone but there are other meds they can try if humira isn't for you.

Hope you start getting relief soon.

Regards Mike

Thank you both for your answers. I think I need to be patient about it rather than waiting for a sudden miracle. Ive been swimming for quite sometime now and yeah it feels better when I swim. I also take Methotrexate to help reduce the psoriasis on my skin, but both treatments take a while to kick in so meanwhile I need to find something that will reduce the pain. Since the regular painkillers have zero effect I think I'll just swim my pain away :)

Thanks again.

Drumsareit in reply to laidback

Hi, I take Methotrexate and Humira for psoriatic arthritis . Humira is a wonder drug. I was in a wheelchair before I got it. Within 6 weeks I was able to stand again and 2-3 months later , I was walking normally without pain

BonnieSue in reply to Drumsareit


Your story is astounding! It's the most improvement I've ever heard about with almost any therapy ever. From wheelchair to walking normally without pain in about 4-4.5 months is phenomenal! Congratulations on your dramatic improvement! I hope you continue walking without pain for the rest of your life. Enjoy!

KayNorth in reply to laidback

Hello laidback,

I am on MTX for my PA and just had it put up to 12.5mg but it has taken 10 weeks to really kick in. When I was first diagnosed 12 years ago I took slow release diclofenac and codeine before the MTX started to work and that really helped me. I know what the pain is like. My PA has been flaring since Christmas and the pain can be all consuming and I get to the point that I cant even talk to anyone. I may have to move to Humira or something similar as I don't think the MTX is working for me anymore after 12 years and I cant take a larger dose orally as I get so many ulcers on my tongue that I cant eat. Try and stay will get better and under control, it just doesn't feel that way when it hurts so much. Big hugs x


I hope so too but that's not likely . The disease is still progressing but i am still mobile ( with determination)I've had 2 surgeries so far and I think more to follow soon. Still, I am super lucky to get methotrexate and Humira. I was diagnosed in 2006 so have had 10 years so far. Trying to enjoy myself while I am still independent

Humira is not a quick fix. You may have to wait a few weeks and several injections before it starts to work. Be patient it does work at reducing the pain and lesions but it doesn't perform miracles.

You also say pain is everywhere- have you been checked for fibromyalgia which is common in people with autoimmune inflammatory arthritis.

I have psoriatic arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Methotrexate and humira can take several months to take effect. I'm currently taking presnidone steroids to bring down inflammation and pain. Maybe speak to your rheumy about that!

laidback in reply to Chris-m

Yea its almost everywhere. Centered at the joints but wanders around them and generally affects a larger area. I've asked about fibromyalgia to 3 docs and only one of them said it might be but he actually didnt think so. Even if it is the case, I heard that it didnt have any treatments right?

Hi there I have been on humors for a few years now and have found it did take a few injections before I found it had any effect but once it dis it was great. Give it a few more more injections but if you are still finding it has no effect just advise your Dr. It does vary person to person though.

Thanks a lot for the replies and hope you guys all feel better all the time. I wasn't expecting an instant magical reaction but since it has been 3 weeks and I had my second injection 7 days ago, I fear that I might be right about humira not working. Still no improvement whatsoever but I'll see my doc in a couple of days and I hope Im getting some answers that would satisfy me. Have a healthy day.

If you stick with the humira I'm sure you must be feeling great after 3 was my miracle bit i could takes the pain and the welts from injection sites. I had a bad reaction to injections after approx 2 months and the stopped it at 5 months but oh my I felt great! No flare ups and psoriasis was completely gone.

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