Scalp Psoriasis

Re-visiting this subject...its driving me to distraction. I can control Ps on the torso , arms , legs etc but not scalp. I keep trying different shampoo's, recently Jason Tea Tree, Eucerin and PSO Natura. impact. I have now cut out alcohol, am reducing sugar and increasing fibre.

I should be grateful of any other advise. I've never tried oral systemic Medication ? Can this help by your experience ?

I have other health issues ( Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy, Cardiomyopathy, and lung failure )so am on a lot of medication anyway BUT an itchy flaky scalp drives me bonkers !

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  • Hello I have suffered PSA now for about twenty five years. I used to use Polytar + Shampoo and many other types provided by my GP

    Now I use just ordinary shampoos that have skin softeners.

    When I first got` psoriasis I feel that I made the mistake of using strong creams etc. The area was very small on the edge of my hairline. The creams scripted eventually thinned the skin and make the patch much larger. I do not know if that was the beginning of the spread and I then started using creams like Devonex, that also seemed to thin the skin on my Legs.

    At sixty five I do get psoriasis behind my ears, my scalp seems to have cleared, I also use softeners on my legs and now I only get minor plaques forming. My legs are scarred and the skin seems to be thin and now thickening.

    The Arthritis is a different matter and is very depressing


  • I have scalp psoriasis I use Betnovate scalp application I got from my GP and I use shampoo with coconut oil in it that works for me

  • I used cheap store brand coal tar shampoo for 20+ years and it worked well. I read the ingredients on the back panel to see if it had coal tar in it despite the name of the shampoo. Worked for me and my sons. Since the coal tar shampoo has an unattractive smell, I'd follow with any nice smelling shampoo I liked and that took care of the bad smell. I also used Desonide cream (prescription) for any spots at the edge of my scalp. I did this at night and by morning any spots at my scalp edge were either gone or almost completely gone.

  • Methotrexate seems to work for me. It's a tad complicated because my last psoriasis flare was thought to have been triggered by stopping Mtx and re-starting the drug cleared it up. Although, just as for inflammatory arthritis, that took about 6 - 8 weeks, it is a slow working drug.

    You so do not need maddening psoriasis on top of everything else. I wonder if Methotrexate would be compatible with other meds you may be taking? Please badger your dermy for some serious help with this, it's just not acceptable to be suffering to such an extent.

  • MTX dulls down your immune system as the arthritis is part of RA, it is the body having an overactive immune system, Hence the taking of DMARDS.

    Biologics are now used more and more with the DMARD. I am unable to take these groups of medications, they make me sick


  • I haven't found anything that helps get rid of my scalp psoriasis other than a strong steriod lotion but I find kids shampoos are milder and less fragrance which doesn't aggravate it. My husband has less severe scalp psoriasis and swears by his selenium shampoo. I don't find it does anything for me but we are all different so you could try it.

  • What do you reckon, thestonequo? Are you thinking of oral meds for your psoriasis?

    I wonder if you'd qualify for biologic therapy. Has anyone else here been put on a tnf inhibitor (Humira, Enbrel etc.) for psoriasis alone?

  • I've not been put on it also be for Ps but it has cleared it with injecting Enbrel alongside Leflunomide tablets.

  • Problem is I'm already on a lot of meds for other issues and the scalp psoriasis is not seen as a priority.

  • Hi I was at the rheumy clinic yesterday and the consultant didn't even ask about my psoriasis he was more bothered about my PsA and put me on Leflunomide to take as well as sulfasalazine that I am taking too

  • If your having treatment for your PsA thIs will be similar to what you would have with your Ps. Look at NICE guidelines and pathways you will see what I mean. That's if you in the UK naturally don't not know about other countries.

  • Thank you georje I live in Scotland I think NICE is just for England and Wales but I will look in to it thanks x

  • I can well imagine that's how it goes. So in that case it's up to you to let the doctors know that while your scalp psoriasis may not seem serious, relatively speaking, it has come to a point at which it's seriously impacting on your quality of life. Assuming of course that's how you do see it.

    The locum rheumatologist (a very good one) who first diagnosed my PsA some years back was Hungarian and was travelling the world working in different rheumy departments. She said "British patients are the most patient patients. TOO patient" and that was probably a very good thing to say to someone who was embarking on a lifelong round of hospital appointments. I've gone from being a bit bolshy but nonetheless minimising my symptoms to being ultra polite whilst sticking to my guns. I've honestly really worked at it. The doctors do not have any way of knowing how you actually feel unless you lay it on the line.

    Could be that you have laid it on the line but still not got the help you need. That's when it gets really tough, I do realise that.

  • Thank you for your response. I agree, i need to be more assertive. The last time I saw my Dermatologist he provided treatment that cleared all Psoriasis apart from scalp and I know he was aware how it affected me. I am well pleased that it is mostly in control, but perhaps I need to go back to get the scalp sorted. Jon.

  • Hope your derm really listens and gets their thinking cap on if you do decide to go back to them. Keep us informed eh? If you feel like it anyway. Something's going to work .... at some point something WILL help & I for one will be very pleased to hear about that as well as interested to hear what steps you take.

  • Thank you for caring. I will keep posting. Jon.

  • I don't know if this will help but I was going crazy with itchiness. Two things have helped to reduce the itchiness. I no longer use dryer sheets and I am eating a wheat free diet. Not gluten free; wheat free. I am sorry that you are going through this - it's not fun and people that haven't experienced it have no idea how the itchiness takes over your life. I hope these suggestions might help to offer you some relief.

  • Hate to say it but I shaved my head. Then stopped using all soaps. My head cleared 99% within a month. Argan oil on my wet head helps keep the skin supple. I only wash in homemade seawater. Zip zero nada soaps. No stink. My wife hates odours so she'd tell me. :)

  • I have to on my head I use dovebet champoo is very good

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