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Newbie: diagnosis of osteoarthritis not PA


Hi, wanted to pick some brains! I have had psoriasis for the last 24 years (am 44) which is on my elbows and few bits on my knees but haven't had any treatment for it for years. 18 months ago I went to my GP for some blood tests as I was feeling so tired I was falling asleep the minute I got home from work. The blood tests showed I had vitamin d deficiency. I had a loading dose of supplements for a month to raise my levels. Almost overnight I developed pain in my knees. I went back to my GP for more blood tests, had an x-ray of my knees and hands and then got referred to the rheumatologist. At this point I was getting pain in my knees, toes and fingers mainly.They repeated my bloods, I had an MRI of my lower back, ultrasound of my knees and started physio. I went back for my follow up appointment and was told there was no inflammation and I wasn't "ticking all the boxes" for psoriatic arthritis, was told it was osteoarthritis, to lose weight and take supplements and discharged! I have put on more weight in the last 18 months and am probably 2-3 stone overweight which I know won't help but I find it hard to believe that is causing all of my pain. I wrote a letter to the consultant saying I don't understand how osteoarthritis can come on so quickly and also queried my HLAB27 positive result in my bloods as she had't explained this! The pain has got significantly worse and my GP has doubled my pain relief. I now take Cocodamol daily and Naproxen. I also use my Tens machine daily and heat pads. I'm signed off work as the pain is so bad. I have an appointment to see another rheumatologist privately next week as the NHS rheumatologist can't see me until August. I just wondered if anyone else had been diagnosed with something else before the correct diagnosis? Did your PA come on suddenly or was it progressive?

Thank you

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Hi lulusymes,

I’m in a similar situation. I’ve been diagnosed with hand osteoarthritis and started taking turmeric capsules. The other drugs Rheumatologist has prescribed me were too scary, including an antidepressant.

I had a Psoriasis diagnosis 11 years ago but I’m not sure it was investigated enough. I only had bad scaly feet soles. Now I have an itchy ear and scaly scalp but still waiting for diagnosis.

I am just post-menopause and I think hormonal changes are to blame for this but docs disagree.

Are you anywhere near menopause?

I also have joint pain that keeps moving around.

Hope you find answers soon! Keep posting!


Apparently, when you have one autoimmune disease like psoriasis, you are more likely to get another. I am 56 and I've had psoriasis since I was 13. When I was 52 I was diagnosed with PMR (a strange relatively rare autoimmune disease of the vascular system that causes you to get very stiff muscles and joints.) My Rheumatologist believes that the PMR is now gone, and I no longer take the prednisone that I took for 2 years. But the Rheumie believes that while I had PMR, I also developed psoriatic arthritis and just didn't realize it as it was all simply pain and stiffness. So she wants me to go on some medications, but we have not yet had a serious conversation about which ones. I'm not yet quite 100% convinced that I have the PA and I'm trying the anti-inflammatory/lower carb diet and freshly juiced celery/parsley/cucumber. (That takes quite a bit of time so not sure how long I'll hold out on the juicing, but it seems to help a bit over time.) More recently I met a nurse in her 60s and she showed me her crooked fingers from osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis that went untreated for too long and one other form of arthritis I can't remember. It was nice of her to share that with me since I know I shouldn't delay the high cost biologic meds for too very long if I do indeed have the psoriatic arthritis. Meanwhile, I have pain and stiffness in my lower back and knees, but no crooked finger joints. Alas, I can't tell if it came on quickly or not.

I believe you are taking the right action by seeing a Rheumatologist. Psoriatic arthritis is difficult to diagnose and sometimes its a process of eliminating other forms of arthritis which is made even more complicated in that you may have several forms. Also, if you have not done so already, you may want to try a lower carb diet and decrease your consumption of any processed foods or foods with flour like bread and pasta. We are all different of course, but that seems to have helped me and a lot of people over on the PMR support group, not only with the inflammation but also with the weight gain. Best wishes to you for improved health and reduced pain!

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Thank you, Rosedail. Sorry, I haven't been notified of your answer... it's been happening only with Beyond Psoriasis...

I think you are absolutely right! I have to decrease carbs and weight but being vegetarian it's a hard task here in Brazil. I live alone and don't get the motivation to cook everyday. Actually I take care of my 90 year old father but his diet is the opposite of vegetarian. I will try!

What about menopause? Do you think hormones play a role?

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I was able to put my psoriatic arthritis (PA) into remission for years using the laundry booster borax as a supplement 5 days per week with the weekend off. It is purported to work for multiple forms of arthritis, but I had never seen it used for PA until I tried it. Google arthritis and borax to get an idea of how people are using it. One $5 box will last for years at the usage rate I use. I had pain in my back, legs, feet, elbows, hands, fingers, right knee, arms, neck and hips.

The downside, like most things for arthritis is that some people can not tolerate it, but for those who can, they seem to do well on it.


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