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Scalp Psoriasis Making Me Look Diseased


I have recently been diagnosed with Psoriasis (currently waiting blood test results for apparently everything to see why it has happened) and I have been using Dovobet ointment on my skin which seems to be working however my scalp is still in a bad way. I have been using Cocois at night which stinks and in social situations, people have asked what on earth smells like melted tar and old balloons which is embarrassing and gross when I can smell my own head.

I have also been using Diprosalic application on my scalp which really stings and my scalp is constantly dry and flaky. I have tried Philip Kingsley Dry and Flaky shampoo and organic Vitamin E conditioner, as well as coconut oil on my scalp but nothing seems to stop the dry scales all over my scalp. Dovobet lotion on my scalp is very greasy and doesnt do much either. Anyone in a similar situation with any advice? I have ordered some HumanKind organic shampoo as a trial but I am surprised I have any skin left on my head at this point.

Any suggestions welcome

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Hello hbn25, I have had scalp psoriasis for the past few years and like you, have tried Dovebet etc with no positive outcome. Do you exercise? I've started doing body balance and yoga and it does calm my scalp. My problem is after washing​ my hair, my scalp slowly starts to harden, become extremely dry and itchy. I get so down as the flakes go all over my clothes and it's so difficult not to pick at the scale. I purchased a shampoo which was recommended from Lush so will let you know how it goes. It's called Fairly Traded Honey and is supposed to be great for psoriasis sufferers ....worth a try! Remember there is no cute for psoriasis but it can be controlled. I've finally accepted that it's part of me (thank you dad!) and I must try to avoid picking (koebner phenomenon-check this out!). Big hug x

hbn25 in reply to Marcie50

Hi Marcie! I am using Dovobet at the moment but its so difficult to wash out so even after washing my hair twice its still all oily and gross. I have started using sunbeds for 5 minutes at a time and I regularly do yoga and exercise (I am going on a yoga retreat this weekend to relax - I will let you know if it helps!) I am getting my body psoriasis under control but I have the same scalp problem that once I wash my hair it goes hard a scaly again.

Yeah let me know how the lush stuff works! I have a trial of HumanKind Organics shampoo on the way which is also apparently good for scalp psoriasis but I guess it is all trial and error isnt it. An expensive trial and error.

Have you found diet helps? I am trying to eat more anti-inflammatory foods but I am not sure if this affects it or not.

Marcie50 in reply to hbn25

Hi again, funny that you should mention diet as I'm currently on a white diet. It's only been a few days but I'll keep you posted. Oh, I only have scalp psoriasis. Occasionally, I will get it in my ears but the last 6mths I've started to get perianal psoriasis (not nice) This only occurs if I have a flare up.... Thank goodness! Going back to diet, watch your sugar intake! I always have a flare up after wine and eating too much chocolate/biscuits/cakes. Everything in moderation! Lucky you going on a yoga retreat, I did that many years ago and hope to go to India in the next year or two. Have a wonderful time and let me know how it goes with the shampoo 😁

hbn25 in reply to Marcie50

Hi Marcie!

My scalp was insanely itchy recently and the HumanKind Organics shampoo arrived and so far (touch wood) it has really reduced the itching. It smells strongly of tea tree and stings a little while washing and just after drying it but during the day I have really noticed a difference with the itching. I started with the trial size shampoo and will probably buy full sized now if it keeps going well. How's the white diet?

The yoga retreat was perfect and the rashes went down significantly but then I got back and a few days later got stressed out and now it's come back on my body with a vengeance. 2 steps forward one step back ey!

Hi, my scalp psoriasis has never completely gone away since I was diagnosed 18 years ago. It's currently flaring up I would recommend using coconut oil on your scalp once a week (if you're finding cocois too strong a smell) it helps with the itch. I also find washing once a week with a salicylic acid based shampoo help gets flakes off the scalp.

There is a link between psoriasis and gluten sensitivity so it worthwhile watching your intake of gluten and how that affects you skin/scalp.

Hope you're feeling better soon.

hbn25 in reply to DoubleM

Hi! Thats interesting I might have a look into that! Thanks for the tip

Hi there I was diagnosed last year with ppps and scalp psoriasis,I know how it is and am very sorry that you are going through ruff times.long story short I've had very good result with eucerin calming urea shampoo and Caurnie nettle shampoo,one or the other they both worked for me,worth a try.good luck and best wishes

And sorry me again,coconut oil too after washing my hair,but you have to be patient and persevere(I've used it for months after I've stoped steroid treatment until the flakes were reduced first and than actually disappear).now touch wood I don't have flaky patches or itching wishes

Seahorse02 in reply to Tgdn

Hi Tgdn - what process do you use with the coconut oil? How do you keep it from making your hair look/feel greasy?

Tgdn in reply to Seahorse02

Hi I hope I don't give long reply. after washing and drying my hair,my daughter(I can't do it myself without messing up big areas of scalp and hair),just takes a bit of coconut oil on fingertip and puts it on the actual patch directly on the scalp and massage it a small amount like pearl size or smaller does the job and since directly on the scalp it really doesn't make my hair greasy.allthough I must add since I only use eucerin shampoo I didn't have any scaly patches for long time(touch wood),so at the moment I don't need coconut oil.i hope it works for you too(coconut oil),like it did for me but i used for some time even after scaly patches were gone,and the hair grew back on the site too,so win-win.good luck and best wishes if anything else please DO contact me again

Seahorse02 in reply to Tgdn

Thank you!! Will try today - and like anything that does any good - I understand it will take time!! I am just willing to try anything at this point. Best to you!

Tgdn in reply to Seahorse02

Thank u and do try and push hair aside from the patch as much as u can and very little oil,better to add more if needed than to put a lot in one go.kind regards

I have tried the Human Organics shampoo and I can confirm it smells WAAAAY better than most of the other products which contain Coal Tar. It smells heavy on the tea tree and my scalp has been crazy itchy for the past couple of days so it stung a little due to having a pretty raw scalp. Has anyone else tried it and has it helped?

hi hbn25

I have chronic plaque psoriasis, luckily controlled by Humira now, but when I had my worst flares I had large plaques on my scalp. I did use steroid creams which did help whilst using them, but as soon as I stopped using them the plaques came back bigger and thicker. I used to have a bath in Oilatum which helped, also used T-Gel shampoo. I have read that dead sea salts can also help, didnt do much for me apart from relexing having a soak in the bath as stress can exacerbate the p. The T-Gel shampoo does have the coal tar smell, but it isn't that strong nor does it linger that much (or am I just used to it by now..??!!). I did also try a turmeric tablets as that does have some benefits, but my p was crazy at the time and I was put on cyclosporine so don't know whether the turmeric actually did any good or not.

I have always found that tea tree stings on my skin whether in flare or not, so avoid it.

I use Avino lotion as a moisturiser, it isn't as think as some of the creams, but it is quite expensive to trial and find it doesn't work.

I'm sure you will have already tried, but a google search can reveal may suggestions for remedies or relief.

Good luck in finding what works for you.

I cleared my psoriasis but cutting out gluten and have very low sugar intake , and then taking garlic ( leaks as well) and apple cider vinegar .. . It cleared me completely after 3 weeks and it only comes back now when I eat gluten , extra sugar

hbn25 in reply to roconnor

Thanks for the tips! Im sad about the gluten but priorities right!

Marcie50 in reply to roconnor

Well, I've ordered 'Healing Psoriasis' from Amazon as I think you may be right regarding the gluten. I participate in lots of exercise and don't eat lots but I always appear at least 4 mths pregnant .... especially after bread and pasta! I tried the white diet but I can't really say this made any improvement to my scalp. What I have started to do is wash my hair in the mornings and then go for a walk to allow my hair to dry naturally .... heaps better than using a hair dryer and my scalp isn't so itchy. My problem is always during the night, when I get terribly hot and sweaty (combination of London weather at the moment and the menopause) and this can lead to a flare up. One scratch of the scalp and that's it ! It feels like I have head lice running all over my scalp. I've currently been using a new honey shampoo from Lush, but I can't really say there's much difference. I personally find T-Gel shampoo very soothing although it doesn't help to reduce the psoriasis.

I don't know how everyone else feels but having had scalp psoriasis for several years now, I do find myself automatically going to scratch my scalp even when it's not itchy (terrible habit!) I'm going to buy a stress ball tomorrow in the hope that this may deter me from scratching :) Enjoy the lovely weather everyone and try drying your hair outdoors to see if there's any improvement.

My friend gave me some magnesium flakes as he had heard they may help. I have tried them a couple of times and they have reduced the itching and made my skin less rough. Then I use a dead sea salt moisturiser and it has started to help a little bit. A tip that may help others

What you need is prescription Topicort spray (get from your dermatologist). Also Paul Mitchell tea tree shampoo is incredible! It works really well and smells fabulous. Get on amazon, at JCPenney or salons.

I have been avoiding the steroid and prescription creams as they have made my skin very thin - especially under my breasts and on my chest. I have started taking Olive Leaf Extract in capsule form, and using Aveeno Moisturising Cream with active Colloidal Oatmeal. For the first week the cream made my skin quite read and raw looking however I persevered and I have noticed a difference in the past few days.

This could be due to cutting gluten and sugar from my diet, or the olive leaf extract, the cream, or the reduction in stress, or a mixture of them all but something is finally happening!

My dermatologist put steroid shots just under the skin on my scalp where the worst spots were. It helped immediately but long term made no difference, and the scaly build up areas come right back as if nothing was done.

Ugh. I remember those days. There were times it felt like I had lice there was so much flaking from my scalp. T Gel shampoo by Neutrogena worked for me in my 20s and 30s. It takes a while though to get it under control...maybe 30 days of use? My scalp psoriasis disappeared in my 40s. Yey! Changing to a diet that was/is low in sugar, gluten and processed foods, probably helped a lot. Also managing stress and changing my social life to get enough sleep. I tried strong steroids and localized steroid shots over the others, it helped for a a few weeks or months but did nothing over the long term.

Since this post it’s been a rollercoaster! I went through 3 months of thrice-weekly uvb light therapy sessions at a local hospital and now only use Child’s Farm shampoo and conditioner (I have recently been recommended Kiehls as a brand so will be trying that) and it’s mostly gone. I have a lot of scarring all over my body - most being on my buttocks and legs but my scalp psoriasis is now in remission and I have my fingers crossed it stays that way.

During the aggressive period of Psoriasis I was using Sebco ointment as well as coal tar shampoo (over the counter stuff) and I lost a lot of hair from it. I used the Kiehls scalp treatment as well as the child’s farm shampoo and conditioner and I take CBD oil as well and my hair is growing back which is great news.

Try, John Frieda, hair shampoo and conditioner, I have not got it on my head, but I have had sores on my head, I use John Frieda and my scalp seems to be coping really well, Also try the baby bath stuff and the baby shampoo, it is better than what is on the Market now, it is gentle on your scalp, It is very embarrassing. as you say, and I have been. on that trip myself, only mine is hands and feet, which people openly tell me I am a leper.[no kidding Sherlock}. So At least you can hold your head up high, They are the Ignorant ones, not you.

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