Psoriasis or eczema don't know

Psoriasis or eczema don't know

Hi I m new here,I ll try to make it short and sensible intro.age 48,15 yrs.ago first ever eczema flare(palms&soles),cleared in two wks.with oral antibiotics and cream,since than bit of dry skin on my feet for which used any moisturiser and that was it.this January after trying and stopping humira for my bone condition(I Think maybe wrong)three wks.later got very bad flare up of eczema or psoriasis (again palms&soles and scalp)I don't know two different opinions from two GP.was given topic steroids,after that oral steroid and antibiotics,etc. But noticed I only had improvement for day or two than started again from beginning but every time more and worse rash and itching,redness,very dry cracking,flaking and red skin.what convinced me that steroids were not doing me good was when I was using cream in alternate days and after that twice a week,every time I applied cream next day the simptoms got much worse than before applying cream,so after that didn't use them anymore.this was almost month ago and after many trial-errors found what was working for me: Bria organics balm (overnight),eucerin 10% urea cream,5% urea hand cream or aquaphor daytime,foot soak with small spoon of coconut skin not healed but getting better every day,redness,itchiness,flaking,cracking calming down every time more and more.hope my experience helps someone.


Hope I didn't bore u with long and overdrawn post

Photos how it was (profile photo),and now top of post

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  • The only way to know for sure is to go to a dermatologist and have them look at it. It's sounds like what I have which is Palmar/Plantar Psoriasis (hands and feet) I use clobetasol cream and sometimes that doesn't seem to help. I have found that I have to religiously soak my hands and feet morning and night and them apply the cream. That works but is sometimes so hard to do everyday. :( My dermatologist just started me on Stelera shots. It is suppose to work better on the hands and feet psoriasis. My joints are not inflamed anymore, it is like my immune system trades out phyicial symptoms. Now I have been afflicted with this shin condition instead.

    I hope you can find something that will work for you Tdgn! Keep us posted please!

  • Thank u pmb123 seems that's the case usually with joint inflammation and skin conditions,they either go together or u treat one get flare on the other one and vice versa.i ve read about biological treatments they seem to work on both I hope it's the case for u but since my experience wasn't very good with humira I don't think I'll try them again, I'm scared next time if I stop after longer period of trial could get it all over for now skin is getting much better,and for joints at the moment exercise is helping so I ll continue like this .problem was that it took more than 10 yrs. to be diagnosed with A.S ,I just hope it will not be the case with skin,anyway I will c derm. on 1/July fingers crossed that it disappears again for more than15 yrs. like last time.thanks for support its much easier sharing with someone with same or any other condition I'm afraid I will bore to death my partner with my problems so I try not talk to much about this.anyway I hope I don't bore the rest of u either.wish all the best


    Photos of how it was and now

  • Hi pmb123 forgot to mention soaking and exfoliating twice a day before applying cream is so annoying but since it helps we r stuck with it I think.once more good luck with stelara

  • It is interesting how the symptoms can stay dormant for years and then show up after 15 or 20 years and flare so badly! I understand your fear of Humira. I had a terrible reaction to Embrel. I got plaque and gutteral psoriasis all over my body on top of the hands and feet Palmar/Plantar psoriasis that I already had! They stopped the Embrel and wanted to start me on Humira instead. Then a few of the doctor's decided that the Stelara shots would work best for me because it helps the feet and hands the best out os all of the drugs. I have taken my second shot and so far so good! I like the fact that after the first shot you take the next shot 1 month later and then it is one shot every 3 months. You might talk to your dermatologist about the Stelera. Best of luck to you! Let me know how you are doing!

    P.S. your photos did not post. :(

  • Hi pmb123 thank for replying,and m really happy that Stellara is working for for me I m scared of biological and other immuno-suppressants for pain,even had steroid injection on my shoulder(at least I had no adverse side-effects on my skin) but didn't work either for pain.but after experience with humira I won't try again.and thing is 15 yrs.ago I had pompholyx eczema which went away in two weeks with oral antibiotics and topical treatment,and this time it's similar but not exactly same but problem is that nothing worked so far,as I said cant have anymore biological's,steroids oral and topical didn't work,can't have light therapy because I have photo sensitivity on my arms and shins every spring as soon as it's sunny and warm(unless I cover this parts),so not many options but will c what derm.says when I c him in July.i really hope your treatment works in long term so u have one less condition to worry about.


    I know about photos could not post them except those two in my first post

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