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Hi I am 52 years old, and this is the first outbreak with eczema that has been problematic for me. I had eczema marginally, twice before; once when I was 16 and after one tube of cream and it went away. Again when I was 23, and again after one tube of cream it went away.

This time the eczema broke out on my foot, and it eventually it spread all over my body. I was embarrassed to show anyone, even my own doctor, so the first time I went to the hospital. They gave me antibiotics and cream. I had to return each nights for 3 nights and receive antibiotics. It got only slightly better. It was impossible not to scratch. I went to the hospital again several weeks later and was given Prednisone. I didn't notice how much better it got then, but after going to emergency again, and was given Prednisone again, I appreciated how amazingly well it worked for me.

During this I had seen my doctor several times. He would not give me Prednisone, even though I literally begged for some. The 4th office visit I insisted I required Prednisone, and the doctor gave me only 6 days. When I went back again for another week of Prednisone, he refused until I had completed lab work. I do not like having blood taken and will not usually fill requests, but this time I participated fully going to the laboratory by my house.

My next visit was dreadful, I went, as my doctor requested, the next day after having the lab work completed. I did not have an appointment. The staff there were so rude, I left crying and unable to see my doctor. They told me he was busy and could not fit me in. I said that he had told me to come today, as he did, and again, I was told he would not see me. So, I asked the receptionist to ask for me. She did so reluctantly with eyes rolling to the heavens. She put a note outside his door. Then I was told he couldn’t see me a few more times until I finally left because I did not want them to see me cry.

I phoned a health line and spoke to a nurse who told me to find another doctor. I have had this now for 3 months, and for 3 months I had to suffer because my doctor was against prescribing Prednisone. I know it has some horrible side effects, but I had no intentions of staying on it very long. Maybe 2 more weeks at the very most. Do you think I should report him for holding back this medication when I specifically asked for it several times? I had gone to him in-between hospital visits and he never suggested using Prednisone, he never looked at my Eczema. I held up my hand to show him and he never got up from his chair five feet away from me to look at it. He did not ask me where I had it, nor at any time ask to see it.

I was unable to walk or use my hands for two months. I could not turn on a light switch or light a lighter for a cigarette because my fingertips were comprised, I wore white gloves if I went out for those three months which was not much since I could barely walk. My feet peeled, itched and bled, same with my hands. It was horrible. Just horrible.

I do have an appointment with a Dermatologist but not for one more month. The receptionist had not placed the referral until a week after my office visit. I called to find out the date, which was not completed yet, but was told I was next on the list! Pffftt………..I was really upset. I trusted my doctor and his office.

I have learned having had this that I have deep empathy for anyone having to battle this disease for a life time. Three months of this and I did not want to live if I had to live this way. I felt awful all the time.

So I would love to hear if someone has had a difficult time getting Prednisone, and to tell others please think about having it prescribed instead of suffering, it worked wonders for me and I have not had any return of any eczema outbreaks at all since using it. It clears it up so fast, and mine was so bad, most people would only have to have it prescribed for a week, I would imagine.

Has anyone else experienced difficulty with obtaining Prednisone from their doctor. Thanks to all those who answer.

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I'm sorry no one has answered you. It may be that you are in the wrong place? I'm not sure if there's a different place for eczema posts. I have only psoriasis and can't help you.

Your story sounds incredibly aggravating and your Dr. shouldn't be practicing medicine. What a horrendous experience! I hope things are much better for you now.


Hi there hope u r much better now,I have foot and hand problem like u and I know how hard and disabling it is.i had prednisone for five days only was very good result but only lasted three days of improvement,and after that condition got bad again so didn't try it again.i really hope u r better now and I hope your doc.becomes human and more empathic with his patients

I wish u very fast improvement


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