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Beyond Psoriasis
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Hi. I'm Tina and new to this site having been following the RA site for several months.

Diagnosed with PsA a year ago after extremely quick procession of symptoms in a short time.

Have tried 3 DMARD drugs and have had Enbrel added in July.

I have just gave up my career after a year of being off sick which is very sad but I'm determined to get back out there hopefully in a few months time to use my skills in other areas.

It's great that there is a site for PsA and hopefully new friendships x

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Hello and welcome, I'm also on Enbrel and have been since 2012 in addition I take Leflunomide daily. Are you just injecting Enbrel or has your team added a dmard alongside it?


No George. I was first on Leflunomide but had to half it to 10mg as I kept getting awful mouth ulcers. I still take this alongside the Enbrel. I am suffering with quite bad hair thinning which I sure is the Leflunomide also x


Sorry about the George bit. Blooming predictive text!


Welcome Tina, sorry you have had to give up your career.lhave also been on demards but had to give them up due to side effects.

I was first diagnosed with RA it was changed to PsA due to tendon and ligament spasms and the Psoriasis appearing.

I'm now on Humira which is working well ,not quite back to normal but much improved.

Hope you manage to get back out there.

Regards Mike

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Thanks Mike. We need goals don't we, even if they are in the unforseen future!


Hi Tina3 and welcome!

I think it's really good that you've started 'aggressive' therapy quite quickly. Biologics so often seem to make a huge difference.

I had symptoms for a long time before I was diagnosed four years ago, having been hit, metaphorically speaking, by the same steam train that probably hit you. I'd already left my teaching job, intending to have a kind of sabbatical (i.e. sleep!) when that happened and I've never gone back to full-time, paid work.

There are times when I feel washed-up, depressed etc. but overall things have worked out really well. I do things differently now, I have a few projects on the go, I do some voluntary work, I don't have much money coming in, but life has become 'real' again and, quite possibly, better. I really like what you say about using your skills in other areas.

How are you getting on with Enbrel?


Had 13 injections now and only just starting to feel the real benefits. A little less stiffness after the first week which was great as I had it terribly. Still get this but grateful for it being reduced.

Just beginning to notice less pain which isn't as widespread but can still be very painful at times.

I find the fatigue is still really bad but hoping that improves.

At my last appointment my consultant said I should have noticed a difference after 8 weeks but I guess we all react differently x


Hello All

Had the full spectrum now for thirty years and was retired several decades ago, now retired and had about enough of it really

Have taken the full list of DMARDS and I take bad with all of them so I feel I am a lost cause.

Have stopped using most creams and now use general skin softeners that seem to keep the skin clear. Generally the creams thin the skin and bathing also removes all natural oils.



I'm very fortunate with the skin side of it Bob. Only have a little on my scalp, elbows, knees etc.

When I do have a breakout, it's usually a good one which can take months to get under control so I really sympathise with everyone who suffers with this.

I too have not been successful with DMARDS but the Enbrel is helping.

We're you not offered Biologics?


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