Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas to all on this new site!

I've been a member of HU's NRAS (for people with rheumatoid arthritis) site for some years. In that time the number of people there with psoriatic arthritis and therefore, usually, with psoriasis as well, has grown considerably I think. I don't know if that's because rheumatologists are getting better at spotting PsA or perhaps because online health forums are just becoming more popular. It's great that there's now an HU site just for us!

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  • Happy Christmas to you Postie, as you know from my moniker I'm a hu NRAS member as well, I agree it's lovely to have a home for us! I don't feel a cuckoo in the nest no more! Mind you I shall still pop in and out as be made some really good friends on there, likewise I hope to do the same here.

  • Hi Georje. Yes, I recognise you from NRAS of course, good to see you! I wonder if there are any other 'cuckoos' here?

  • Merry Christmas to everyone on Beyond Psoriasis and a Happy New Year to ALL!! Great idea, Postie. Have I gotten your name wrong in the past? It looks like postle with an "l" but just now it looked like an "i" so I really don't know which is right. The "i" makes more sense. Well Merry Christmas no matter what!

  • Yes an 'i' would make more sense! But it is postle2, for what it's worth. I don't actually mind what you call me 'cos I never was happy with that name.

  • So what would happen if you changed it? I would like to shorten my email address but that's a big nuisance, but maybe changing your name on here won't be so bad?? I like "postie" myself! But I understand you have to please yourself.

  • I suppose I hang onto it because I've been on the NRAS site as postle2 for ages and that's what people there know me as. I was just 'postle' but lost my account or something, joined up again and added the 2 which makes it even sillier!

  • I don't think it's silly, I just think of you as postie who gives good and sensible advice.

  • I'll 2nd that thought.

  • Hey thanks SueSz! You too!

  • Thanks Georje! I think of you the same way!

    I remember the first time I ventured onto an online site .... I'd just got home from my first rheumy appointment with a big bag of medications I'd never imagined I'd need and a scary diagnosis.

    Somehow I really, really wanted a glass of wine but didn't even know if that was okay with low dose oral steroids. Said to my husband "I know, there's this online thing ...." joined the NRAS site and 30 minutes later I had a string of heart-warming messages plus reassurance that yes, I could have that glass of wine. My husband was mightily impressed too!

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