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Psoriasis or not?

Greetings all. I am trying to determine if I have psoriasis or not. 4 yrs ago i had a round spot on my right shin. My doctor thought it was possibly cancer but tried creams first. It spread rather than clearing up. I moved from one province to another then so started with a new doctor right away who scoffed at the notion of cancer and said it was just eczema and to moisturize heavily. It spread to my other shin and I have two very large oval patches. I have bought and tried so many moisturizers... with no success. I have ruled out cancer because I don't believe it is cancer but i am not sure I believe it is eczema. The areas seem like they are producing large amounts of heavy scale or skin - like a crust. Any suggestions out there about how to determine what condition i am actually dealing with? I do need to go back to the doctor I know... thanks for your help.

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My doctor also diagnosed me with eczema, but the cortisone kept making it worse. Get to a dermatologist if you are really unsure, but it sounds like psoriasis sorry!


Thanks for your response.


Hi there! Last year I developed a 'dodgy' looking thing on my arm in addition to more easily recognisable psoriasis over much of my body. The first dermatologist I saw was pretty sure it was not skin cancer. But a few months later, when it hadn't gone or morphed into 'normal' psoriasis (is there such a thing?) the possibility of skin cancer came up again. So I had a biopsy which finally confirmed that it was psoriasis after all.

It's difficult for dermatologists to diagnose skin conditions sometimes, as you've discovered, and of course without medical knowledge all we can give is our own opinions. My opinion is that what you describe sounds like psoriasis but there are plenty of things that mimic it.

I think you do need to go back to the doctor. Unfortunately, the worse it gets the more likely doctors are to get their thinking caps on. And you may need to persevere .... that's another vital 'p' word for those of us with P and PsA. Very often polite perseverance and, if necessary, keeping an open mind about the possibility of a second, or even third, doctor's opinion are the strategies that get you to diagnosis and treatment. You could ask for a biopsy .... worked for me.


Thanks. I appreciate your response.


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