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Psoriasis sufferer :(


Hello everyone. I am a 17 yr old girl (new to this!) and I've been struggling with eczema and, more predominately psoriasis for a lot of my life. My eczema has nearly died down now but I have bouts of psoriasis on my hands - it spreads to my fingers and makesmy nails uneven, and I always seem to have it on my thumb joints. As of today it has moved onto my chin which has really stressed me out about it. It is quite scaly with flakes of dead skin, and I get little bubbles which form often. The worst is when it becomes dry and then it cracks. Lots of people notice it and I wish I could find something that would stop it.. I have tried diprobase, eumovate, hydrocortisone etc and they either don't really make a difference or they just produce more of these bubbles. Any help would be fantastic - I see my GP periodically but never see any benefits afterwards. As I have noticed on other posts that diet is important, I eat a balanced diet with lots of dairy products, meats, vegetables, carbohydrates and maintain a healthy lifestyle running over 6 miles at least twice a week. Any help anyone?

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I truly understand You as I suffer with psoriasis from 13 years old and I'm 29 now. I have patches on my boobs, face and scalp. Recently (last 3 months) I took it seriously and stopped use those ointments from Docs as they heal just for a moment. I started diet (no diary Girl!!!!) based on raw food - veggies, vegie juices and 3-4 portions of fruit and day. I'm following AIP diet at the moment but first 60 days was strictly following the diet of Jason Vales who's having psoriasis by himself and made diet special for people like us. You can download the book for free from his website

On my patches I use only cold pressed, virgin coconut oil right now, pure gel collagen which makes miracles (colleagues company) and the 100% natural calendula ointment (Lyonsleaf company) which I'm buying online as well. I'm shampooing hair with Humankind Organics products.

First 30 days I had no improvement but after around 45 you my skin finally started to heal... Im getting married on September and it seems my skin will heal completely until that time only using diet and natural methods. It's worth try.

I wish you all the best and remember - Diet is the BASIC. FORGET about diary, nightshadows veggies and any refined food for a while.


Hello there I also have psoriasis and I used to get loads of it on my legs yet that's alot better then it was I also get it on my arms and in my head since loosing a bit of weight not that I was ever really big I've noticed it's got a bit better I use hydromol and swear by it ok not much really ever clears it up completely as stress and worry is a big part of people's life's but if you can also get yourself out in the sun as your skin needs vitamin D and if anybody tells you your vain then your not it's a medical condition that vitamin D helps and so does hydromol ointment you can also put it in the bath too but be careful not to slip!! Hope this has helped??xx


Poor baby, it's hard enough for us older folks, you certainly shouldn't have to deal with this mess at 17! Do you have a dermatologist you can see? Like another poster, I am trying unrefined coconut oil for dryness & dermatologist advised any otc creams with Urea plus Eucerin & the greasiest creams - tho I don't know how that will work for the face. For scalp, Nioxin scalp therapy serum as well as Nioxin shampoo (from Ulta or Amazon) and TGel xtra strength shampoo has worked well for me so far. I rotate those shampoos with regular shampoo hoping my scalp doesn't get too used to the medicated ones so they will keep working. Best of all to you. Hugs

Thank you all so much. Food for thought. Thankfully, the face psoriasis hasn't (touch wood!!) caught on since the outbreak, but my hands are still annoying. I think it has sparked up a lot during my a levels (=stress!). Will give many of your suggested methods a go.

hi my name is alan i just see this you go see what you think im thinking of giving it a go read it see the vidio let you know ill try it soon my self enyway see

I use desonide 0.05% cream on my spots on my face and they go away in a day or sooner. It's a prescription.

Have you tried dovobet gel? I find it really helps me alot.

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