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Interesting blog: The Flaky Fashionista

Interesting blog: The Flaky Fashionista

Came across her account on twitter the other day. Her name is Helen and her blog is a guide to style with Psoriasis. Here are 2 post I checked out:

Have I Found Itch-Free Knitwear?

Concealing Facial Psoriasis - Step by Step Guide

What do you think?

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I haven't read it all yet. But did catch the bit where she said that she's cautious about wool because her upper body is very sensitive, even though she doesn't have psoriasis there. I've got drawers full of t-shirts and shirts that fit well and look great but rarely get worn because they don't pass the skin test. I've always been like this with or without psoriasis .... I'm like the princess in 'The Princess and the Pea' only with clothes, not mattresses. Texture is all!

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I'm fortunate not to need this help. I think it's great for anyone who does.

My psoriasis used to require frequent shampooing of my hair and eyebrows with a coal tar shampoo followed by a nice smelling shampoo to get rid of the 1st shampoo's odor. I used a topical ointment for any minor facial outbreaks. Now it seems I'm free of almost all of it except once I had a slightly pink spot near where my glasses rest on my nose. Thank heavens!


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