What (if anything!) is your tip on keeping active?

We all know how important keeping fit and active is for our health in general (not just psoriasis). The difficult bit is often keeping those routines going, (is the excuse Christmas right now?) If you have any thoughts or tips on running, Yoga, stairclimbing, walking, swimming, hang-gliding or whatever it is you do to keep your body (and mind) in shape then please share with the group!

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  • I would defo agree about keeping fit.

    As i other health issues i have struggled myself.

    A know it sounds mad but something as simple as a rocking chair can work wonder if house bound GUESS thats why my granny had one.

    As like the say every little helps

  • Hi!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this! I totally agree, every little helps :)

  • Hi cheers yer i was reading is good for your lynthatic system also helps with infections and circulation & maintains muscle mass

    Also keeps you warm

    Of winter :)

  • I try to walk a bit every day mainly in my flat. As I have COPD as well and I find walking outside at the moment very hard as I am breathless all the time xx

  • Get addicted! I exercise regularly because I've been doing it so long that without it everything just feels wrong!

    For anyone struggling to keep motivated or trying to start an exercise regime I'd suggest forcing yourself to do something every day or very nearly every day. And of course if you can walk fairly easily, walking is often the most convenient form of exercise to start with.

    I don't know how long it takes to develop some sort of dependance but I think for many of us, that does happen. And when it does, it's like having a dog ..... come exercise time there will be a nagging need to get out there and move!

    Tai Chi is great in my book .... if you can find a class the the social aspect can be a bonus. And swimming .... exercise bikes, real bikes .... anything! Incidentally I do have psoriatic arthritis so it's not always that easy for me, but PsA really does respond well to exercise.

  • There is very little I can do, but I force myself to do it because I know I need to move in order to stay healthy and control my weight. I'm on quetiapine/seroquel and gabapentin, both drugs that will put weight on me if I don't fight it. I go to the gym late at night and walk fast and very much uphill on the machine. This way my back doesn't hurt. Then I ride the recumbent bike and exercise my arms while riding. Funny how we do what we have to do, isn't it? Those are the only things I can do right now. I can swim in the ocean when it's warmer, or dive for shells or starfish, etc. The constant diving down is great exercise.

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