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Hi my name is Alex (f). Have just tried to complete my profile and I had it done perfectly thought I'd saved it and the whole thing has disappeared so I'm sorry you can't read my profile at the moment. I'll try again tomorrow. I started with Psoriasis in my ears and appear to have it on the top of my feet and ankles. I have arthritis too - my GP tells me nothing. Could the two be connected and is there anything alternative or some nice cream i can use in the area around the inside of my ear that can help this awful thing? Sorry to jump right in when you hatdly know me but could do with a bit of help. Many thanks and hope you are all ok in your special ways x

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Definately, being bothered by psoriasis itching and pain can definitely distract you from completing tasks. Use the strongest cortisone cream you can find over the counter at your pharmacy, but then talk to your doctor and yes, your psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis are related. Perhaps you will qualify for the biologics which have been like a miracle medicine for me. Good luck, and keep me posted!

I'll jump right in as well then: it sounds like you need to ask your GP for referrals to both a dermatologist and a rheumatologist. (Don't let him/her talk you out of going to both.). Meanwhile, you should go to I also think you might benefit from a membership at livingwithpsoriaticarthriti...

Best of luck with this!


If you find a way to tackle psoriasis in the ears I'd love to hear about it. I would like to grease 'em daily but fear bunging my ears up. For some reason the psoriasis and relatively minor ear infections plus build up of wax seem to coincide. I tend to think that the psoriasis is the cause of it all i.e. that it makes me prone to infection in the area.

I agree with Seenie, get busy asking for referrals, especially to rheumatology. Sometimes a fair bit of persistence is required but hopefully that won't be necessary. You may have a little more difficulty getting a dermatology referral with fairly minimal psoriasis (?) if you're in the UK but it is most definitely worth trying. NICE guidelines recommend that dermatologists should be on the look-out for psoriatic arthritis in their psoriasis patients so that could be another useful route to a dermatology appointment. Any avenues you can explore ASAP are worth trying. Oh, and I hope you do not have PsA, but if you have it is best to catch it early.

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Ear candling really helps with my ear psoriasis. I have had it bad for years and recurring ear infections. I started having candling and was amazed at how much wax and skin came out. I now buy the candles and do it myself every 6-8 weeks. Worth a try!



I suffer from (mild) psoriasis in my ear. The dermatologist gave me some tar based cream to apply twice a day. For me it helps (so much that I forget to use it until it gets bad again...)

You really should push for a referral to a rheumy. I too suffer from joint pain and stiffness, though still trying to get a diagnosis.

My psoriasis was only caught because the rheumy mentioned PsA and dismissed it since I don't look as if I have psoriasis. But I have always had dry itchy ears/ear canal to the point where I would scratch until I bled. So got a referral to a dermatologist who said it was Psoriasis and it could be connected to my joint pain.

Now back with rheumy trying to get the diagnosis since PsA is really hard to diagnose due to it not really showing up in a test and I don't suffer from sausage digits.

So please push for the referral and best of luck

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Any dodgy nails at all? About 80% of people with PsA will have some nail involvement. My toenail looked ok to me but not to the rheumy who diagnosed me.




I have P, PsA, Meniere's and other conditions.

I get a dry skin issue in my ear canal and was advised by ENT to use olive oil once a week.

As Meniere's causing hearing loss, the dry skin makes my heating aid difficult to tolerate. I have been told I can never use a molded hearing aid. I thought I'd mention this just in case you wear one, or for if you ever need one.

All the best x

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