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First post!

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I’m Zoë and I have a very hard time getting myself to lose weight because I have severe anxiety and depression. I’m looking for help... I have started to get better and I now feel I’m ready to get back out there and become healthy and feel good about myself.

I am looking to lose weight, but more importantly, I’m looking for a healthy, daily routine. Something to start/end my day with that won’t be too much to tackle at first

Thank you in advance for any replies or advice

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Have you considered Keto?

Hi Zoe , I have suffered with anxiety and depression for about 15 years . It’s very hard to get into a routine


I have had the same problems; anxiety, depression, and being overweight, and I understand how tough it can be. I have found that even the little things, like skipping a snack to wait for dinner or walking around the block when you’re overwhelmed, can really make a difference. Don’t make this one of your stresses, but try to slowly work things into your routine. I have also found that meditation in the morning and before bed can be a real stress relief & give you motivation in the day. I use the app Headspace. One thing I’m starting is giving myself a compliment every time I look myself in the mirror; it’s a real confidence booster. Good luck on your journey to a better, healthier you.