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Recently going through the contents of the box of photographs kept in our loft, I can across an old photograph of my mum and dad together. Had never seen it before and thought I would eventually like to get it framed because there is very little of I have of them. My brother took and scanned the photograph. It is now a profile picture on Facebook and I just can't look at it without breaking down. It means so much to me but I am not sure if I can handle having it on display now. I hope that doesn't sound awful.

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Hi Bigneil1

I think framing the picture is a lovely idea<3

If you're unsure about having it on display all the time you could display it on birthdays, anniversaries, Mothers day/Fathers day, Christmas etc as your own way of commemorating your dear Mum & Dad.

Hope this helps


Bigneil1 in reply to chloe40

Thank you, it was my mum's birthday yesterday. Will definitely consider it

Caza in reply to Bigneil1

I don’t think it’s awful at all. Hopefully one day you’ll be able to look at it & smile but for now put it out of sight & take it out & have a peek when your up to it.


Hi Bigneil1 - They are all precious to us . When we have few photographs of our loved ones. Congratulations on having it immortalised on FB.

It's not awful at all. Sometimes pictures can help but they can also reopen the wound. Moderation as with so much in life can help 💖

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