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My beautiful Tizzy !

Thought I would finally change the blank picture I was issued with and here is my lovely Tizzy.

She is around 14 years old now and the matriarch of the puddy tat gang in our house. Baby Moo is just a bit younger but not by much as she was from her first litter I believe. (both dumped by a neighbour)

'Blimin' dexter is about 4 yrs now and actually really belongs to a neighbour ( was a dumpie that they took on) but lives at our house just because he likes it more and Ziggy McDiggy is the newest of the group and is about 18 months I think and was a stray until very recently when he decided he liked the look of us and moved in. LOL :)

Miaow from the gang !

tootles xx

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Oh, she's beautiful! What a gang you have - and brilliant names too.


I feel a bit out of it not having a cat. Was always a cat lover as a child and still 'adopt' the neighbours.

Our pets at the moment are lovely native birds that come into our backyard. They bath in the birdbath which is quite close to the two houses. The favourite is the kookaburra (heard but rarely seen), however we get cockatoos, galahs & lorikeets etc. Dad has been keeping records and in the past 20 years or so they have had 70 different species.



Hi Lesley,

You just have to get a cat! They are the very best companion you can have, and you don't have to take them on walkies every day! xx


Ive got 2 cats ive adopted too, one is half ferral and so viscious you just cant touch her, we have to warn every new comer not too or she will rip you hand to pieces, shes no fussy who it is, now the other one is so much the oposite, she is loving and kisses you and sleeps on you chest or shoulder lol, love them both to bits. x


Hi Tamirra - my brother had a feral cat like that called Razz - he was so bad tempered but really had personality!


Im sure some computer keys dont work, sorry for missing letters in last post x


What a sweet face! Love your kitty gang names. :)


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