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Another day in the life of the dreaded BD

Hi all

Don't know about where you guys are but here in the Wild West of Ireland it is howling a gale that would cut you in two...I am having another Duvet day and I can see my breath even in my bedroom!!! So much for Spring!!

No news yet about appointment with Neuro guy in Dublin God I hate the waiting and being out in the middle of no where my post never arrives before 1pm!!! So still waiting today...My Neuro says it is out of his hands now!! God I do love the "Caring" professions!

What with the OH falling of the wagon I could really do with getting my head sorted lol...Have been remembering my first Alanon meeting many years ago and hearing someone say "Going to an Alcoholic for emotional support if like going to a hard ware shop for a loaf of bread"!! So so true.

I seem to be totally detached from the situation as if i am looking in on it i see him i see my kids i do what i have to do but i am not here! Emotional detachment taken to extreme is it the BD (which i know has made me more distant) or is it luck as i need to keep calm and keep my blood pressure down? Both me thinks and i am thankful for what ever it is that has brought me to this calm...Alanon saves lives too and so do the people on this site. so thank you all I would be lost without being able to chat here and to read your makes life a little less lonely..

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Oh mate, what shit timing eh? I think those who cope with and care for alcoholics are so brave and strong, although, of course, if you love the other person you really have no choice do you. My granddad was an alcoholic and rumour has it my mum passed him by in the street once because he was sober and she didn't recognise him. He gave my nan a helluva life and she promised him that, once her children were grown, she would get her life in order and yah boo sucks to you! She did too.

I think that perhaps you've gained some strength from the years of dealing with him, which is what is helping you to stay detached at the moment. And, let's face it, detachment is a self-preservation thing isn't it? I'm able to do it at the drop of a hat - courtesy of an abusive childhood.

There is no need to be lonely (says Mrs Lonely of Devon) because you have people here who understand at least some of your problems and who will try their very hardest to understand and support you through the rest.

Take care my angel - sending love and strength.



hi ruth i am in the south of ireland and we have the same weather down here nothing worse than waiting on the appointment letters when you are not feeling well as for the emotional detatchment i think you have to at times as BD is a tough nut and sometimes you have to look after no 1 because if you dont it will end up making you twice as miserable.i am married with two grown up kids and my family are a great support to me but there are times i become detatched as its a safety valve and only those unfortunate enough to be cursed with BD fully understand so keep fighting and never give up and hope you get sorted soon

kindest regards chris


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