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thank you for welcoming me to your family

Silly me forgot my password - even tho I thought I wrote it down properly!!

I have been working past couple of days and that wears me out ---LOL

It seems that any processed food is a no-no for me and anything with phosphates or enzymes that preserve food sends my Behcet's crazy.

good wholesome food ------ buts thats boring when all you want is Rowntrees friut pastiles or similar sugery sweets. Halloween is a nightmare ------ got to go out the room so as not to eat too many.

I've been eating mainly white meat and veg. tho lots of friut are out of bounds. All trial and error.

My consultant thinks its crazy that food affects me as they cant prove how and why --- Tho I know it effects me.

I'm lucky that my husband and family are very supportive and will try all food thats given to them LOL

Its quite difficult sometimes when only someone with Behcet's could only understand exactly what Behcet's is really like.

I try to be positive------ tho the lack of an occasional alcoholic drink( can't tolerate it anymore) does some what blur the line between laughter and insanity LOL.

jOKING aside .Thank you for the warm reponses and I will try to keep on-line ( but when I'M on my husband thinks he's been abandoned or I'v gone missing as i take so long).

glad you like my tag line-------- butterflies emerge and then they fly up and soar ready to explore ---- a bit like this journey ha ha

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Hi Hun, pleased you are feeling welcome here. I only started using the site myself a few weeks ago and already I feel like I have become part of the furniture LOL.

I'm afraid I don't restrict my different types of food as much as I probably should and suffer the consequences of this quite regularly. I couldn't live without cheese of some kind and neither could my cat ! .....and chocolate ? WOW.......I would rather sit naked in a crowded street than forego my occasional bar of milky choc or kitkat.

I have naturally weaned myself off of hot curries and junk food and have what I would describe as a sensible but pretty plain range of foods now as I am also diabetic but mainly because I don't enjoy them anymore. I keep a bottle of brandy in the house for medicinal reasons but haven't actually had more than a couple of glasses in over 2 years really. High days and holidays may prompt me into the odd one off but even that is rare these days.

I look forward to see what you have to say about your own particular food favourites or sacrifices. You may well find a pattern that other people who read this forum have also fallen or opted into. Shared knowledge is very educational don't you think ?

Anyway, lovely to see you are happy with your first experience here hun. ttfn, big hugs xx


thanks for the reply. I find that tomatoes ,onions ,peppers and generally red foods tend to send my Behcets crazy. tho I must admit that I DID enjoy briefly the couple of pieces of garlic bread that I snuffled this week !! LOL. Been on antibiotics this week for very sore throat and dreadful cough that sent my sweats into overdrive.

I tend to eat lots of white meat and have to watch how much cauliflower and broccoli I eat.

There is lots of food for wheat ,dairy intolerances out there that I enjoy and find that I can adapt recipes to alternate ingredients for my benefit

I am hoping that I can try a little tipple soon as still on steroids but other meds reduced slightly to compensate for this.( my liver might be happy this time ) LOL..


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