Having new pains and wondering if anyone else has experienced them and can help me in figuring out what's causing them!

I have Behcet's Disease, I am showing new symptoms and I don't know if they're related to the Behcet's but I thought I would ask if anyone else has experienced them so maybe I could get an idea if it is. My doctor is having trouble figuring out what it is, we're running out of options. I'm having very sharp chest pains that are worse when I take deep breath. This pain also comes sometimes in my upper abdomen. When it comes it takes me to my knees and brings tears to my eyes. It's sharp at first and then lingers afterwards kind of a dull pain. They come 5-7 times a day and seem to be worse at night. After they pass I feel very weak and nauseated. My doctor has checked my gallbladder and done lots of blood work and everything has come up normal. Can anyone help me out?

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  • Could this be costochronditis....inflammation of rib cartilage? A lot of us get that with bd. Can be excruciating.

  • Hi Karlilynn

    I get costrocondrosis, It is very painful even to the touch. Try a warm hot water bottle or one of those microwave wheat bags and just rest is on your chest. This can sometime give some "slight relief". Just throwing this out there it may not be the case for you but just something else to think about for you.

  • I have to concur, I had this recently and it knocked me flat out. I used Naproxen but rest and time is pretty much all you can do until it passes. Jill

  • I also get costroconditis and it really does hurt and also affects my breathing, along with chest pain and the upper abdomen/ribs pain.

    Recently I have found that small amounts of Ibuprophen Gel rubbed into those areas seems to help quite a bit. Along with the hot water bottle or micro wheat bags and massaging Lavender oil.

    All worth a try...good luck

  • Hi there Karlilynn,sounds to me like what i have stomach ulcer from all the steroids etc maybe, i know the pain i had brought me to my knees too now have medication for this.Hope this may help you my dear.

  • Hey karlilyn...I was having pains over a year ago..I would often get them on my left side. They would sometimes go on for about an hour then stop. I know there's a name for them. But it escapes me at the moment. I haven't had any since I stopped prdnisone and all pain meds 8 months ago. Also have gone gluten free and dairy free. That alone has alleviated many symptoms. I hope u get answers...prayers

  • That's the name...thank you..costraconditis

  • My daughter also has the painful rib cartilage pain. Not all the time, mainly with a flare.

  • I get the pains but not as bad as you I have been told it is my Fibromyalgia.

  • Maybe the Pancreas. Does the pain run from front to back?

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