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MAGNETISED WATER - Does it work and what are the benefits ? I think it does !

I read lots of the new questions and blogs over the last couple of days and decided I really need to offer my oppinion on Magnetic Therapy which I have been using for over 20 years.

It seems many of us have internal problems with ulcers, rejecting medicines and coping with food. Often we find things like berries etc.. that work well in some ways and yet have adverse effects we are not aware of going on in the background so we have to be even more cautious than the everyday health addict who just needs a boost. So here goes..... this is my experience with magnets !

Magnetic therapy has been advertised for years and no-one really knows how or if it works and there are all sorts of theories banded about that you can read pages of on the net. There are magnets for helping pain that you put in clothes, magnets you wear in band that are valcroed to joints and magnets that are put in bedding to sleep on that are supposed to make you sleep better. Do they work ? truth is I haven't got the foggiest ! I have tried most of them and not found them to be of any particular help and did unfortunately place my new credit card on some by mistake and they obligingly wiped all the information contained on the magnetic strip on the back. WARNING ! Watch all cards around magnets especially blooming strong ones. LOL.

One thing that I did find works and helps is the Magnetic Water Coaster that you stand water/drinks on for a period of time before drinking. The one I use is by NORSTAR but there are others around now. I am not going to go into droans of the theories behind it all which you can look up on the internet and draw your own conclusions to. Basically magnetised water is absorbed in a different way into the body cells and has certain benefits by doing this. I have been doing it for 20 years and I find it works for me in helping my joints and medication which upsets my tummy etc..

I have on cup of coffee a day which I really enjoy and thereon, apart from the odd chocolate when I'm out and about, I drink magnetised water. About 4 litres a day in my case. My personal oppinion is that is actually DOES help me quite a lot (after 20 years I reckon I have a good grounding of deciding if it does or not LOL).

It is a little device that just helps my general well being and I would be devistated if I lost it. So...if you are thinking about one, try to get one on return within 14 days off the internet (distance selling allows this for all purchases.) Take a cup of water and take a good sip. Get someone else to do the same with the same water. Place the same water on the magnetic coaster and wait one hour. Take the cup off and take a good sip of the newly magnetised water and get your other tester to do the same. If you do not taste a distinct difference I will show my very ample buttocks up Regent Street in London during rush hour for all to see. (So confident am I that you will find a real difference !) Try it out for a couple of weeks and if you are not convinced by then that you feel some benefit, send it back and get a refund of your money. So... a free tip !! I actually prefer the taste of magnetised water so I am happy to go along with the theories of it assisting my health because I really feel it does.

You can buy these on ebay or amazon and all other places of the like and they range from £17 to about £25. A small amount for the amount of benefit I feel I get and after 20 years mine is still going strong. You can also progress to standing bottles of plonk on it and finding it turns it into a much nicer drinking wine along with all sorts of experiments that you will devise yourself according to your own tastes. Obviously everyone is different and will find different results but for the cost I really recommend that you have a go. Nothing ventured and all that !

I really hope you have a go and find it helps you. Take care, big hugs and happy magnetising to you all xx

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Well that sounds really interesting, I do not drink tea or coffee and go through a fair bit of water. I would be willing to try it if it helps even in the slightest. I shall be looking on Amazon soon!!






Hi Angie

I'm also going to check it out. I do drink a lot of weak tea and coffee and have made a mental note to try substituting water.

Someone made a comment on another post re salicylates possibly being a culprit and that is something I've wondered as well unfortunately they are in everything I love.



Just a quickie Hun,

Amazon are having a sale where they are about £17 at the mo. It is just for a short time so might be worth having a look. Also reading all the gumph on the internet coud give you some pointers and is interesting. talk later, big hugs xx


Was tossing up which one to buy. Mentioned it to my Dad (asked him if he had any magnets in the garage). Long story short - now have a large jar full of very strong small magnets which I am making into a coaster (cheapskate). Any tips? - read somewhere last night that you are not supposed to boil magnetised water. Also read that the Western Australian Polio society had done some research on the benefits. Didn't really chase that up but it was enough to sway me into trying it out.




How inventive ! The way magnets work is on their strength which is measured in Gauss. They need to be 2000 gauss to be effective for pain. Don't use them on open wounds of any kind as it kind hinder healing to some extent. Apart from that there appears to be no known ill effect of magnet therapy. I found it worked virtually straight away but the average is about 2 weeks I understand. Good luck hun take care xx


I read somewhere about the gauss. These are really strong little magnets but I have no idea. If it can't do any harm at the moment I'm willing to try anything.



I forgot to mention Hun, there is a difference in using them North or South pole direction.

When you use the coasters that you buy, the magnetising side is the 'sticky' side up ! Does that make sense.LOL.

Good luck hun. Please do the test I mention to see if it works using your 'frankenstein' version. It will be a good test to check out if they are having any effect won't it ?

Do you think it might be a good idea to email one of the experts like NORSTAR who makes them just to make sure there is nothing funny about your magnets ? Is there any different kinds do you think ? I don't know and might be interesting to find out ? Your decision Hun LOL.

take care big hugs xx


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