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Hi im new to this website but i thought i would share with you all some very helpful + unbelievable herbal treatment as i have been suffering with behcets for a while now. My other half is turkish and after speaking to his parents (who are very clued up on medical issues) i was discussing behcets with them as it is very common out there, i told them i was experiencing constant mouth ulcers (as soon as one load would eventually go another load would turn up) + i also have genital ulcers too, as well as other issues concerning behcets, His mother straight away told be about kisnis -which she grows in her garden, (it actually turned out to be corriander seeds in the uk). all i have to do is place about 1 +1/2 spoon fulls of the seeds in a cup & add hot water, i tell it stand for about 6-7 minutes & then sive out the seeds & drink. i do this twice a day (1 morning & 1 night), i have been doing this and i cannot believe the difference it has made, i have not had ulcers in a long time now and i feel so much better, i used to be in bed around 6-30 every night as i was always tired, this has changed too i have my life back. its hard to beleive that something like this can help so i told my consultant about it on friday and he also cannot believe the difference in me either, but he did say that corriander is very good for the immune system so he can see why it has worked. i hope some of you might find this interesting and maybe it can help you guys too,

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  • Hi and welcome to the forum, that sounds interesting, but are you on immune supressents for your behcets as im not sure if you are that taking something to improve your immune system is a good thing, as my daughter is on cellcept which is an immune supressent and is not allowed to have her system brought back, not too sure about this one, i will wait for other peoples views. x x

  • Hi i was taking methotrexate and folic acid and before that i was taking humia but this was giving me so much side effect, so i stopped, i am on longer taking any form of medication other than the kisnis, and as its a homoepatchic solution it is 100% natural. i never believed in any homoepathic remedies before but for me it works. Having a turkish relative that has the knowledge of behcets and what is given to patents out there has helped me understand so much more (as its very common out there). im only trying to advise people as it has worked wonders for me

  • Thanks Kab, i will ask the professor next time we have our appointment.

  • Hi Sarah-lou, i was exactly like you vomiting + constant nausea, fatigue, and when taking lots of medication i felt i was a walking chemist. i honestly thought i would never find anything that would help, but for me this really has. my consultant is even going to mention this to his other patients now so he must think there is something good with this tea. i really hope that it can help someone else like it has helped me.

  • Wow - that really is worth a try, thanks.... Are you doing anything else at all different, or are you putting the improvement down entirely to coriander seeds?!? (as I go and dig them out of cupboard!!!!!)......


  • Honestly, all i am taking now is my tea, i have stopped every medication as nothing was working and to be honest all the medication was making me feel 10 times worse. it is remarkable really, i thank my turkish in law so much now as without her knowledge and understanding i would still be feeling awful. i really hope that it can help other people the way it has helped me.

  • I'll definitely be giving it a shot..... Thanks for sharing....

  • anything is worth a go!!! xxx

  • yer im defo gonna give it a whirl! i love homeopathy! x

  • i really hope it works for other people, because honestly i feel better everyday + still no mouth ulcers which is a miracle .

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