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Another problem??

Hi all

Have just come back from my appointment at the hospital (The Mineral in Bath) and I have another infection and more tests to follow. Feeling a little bit sorry for myself and have also been told I will probably have to see a Urologist. (Problems peeing!!)

I am slightly getting annoyed (being polite) with this bloody disease and just thought I would share this. Thanks for reading!!!!




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Oh Angela

It seems neverending sometimes and having to see a different specialist for every symptom really gets on your nerves.

last year I was having around 3 appointments every week and it gound my husband and I right down so I know how you feel.

Have you tried cranberry capsules as I have been taking them and it has helped with the infections and retention of urine....much less occurances and shorter in length of time. It took a little time for it to start working properly, but I really notice the difference now.

Other than that I can offer a big long hug and hope you feel better soon



Thanks Andrea

I also drink cranberry but also lots of water (never have drunk tea or coffee). I am sure this is just another little hurdle in the saga of BD.

Sending a hug back




Please be careful with Cranberry if you are also taking Warfarin, this is definitely not advisable.


Angela, I was thinking about you today....I'm finding it so hard to get back to work full time.

I'm so sorry for you, I've struggled with this issue and it seems so unfair we are in worse shape than some 80 year olds.... ( i am smiling)

I'm a mere Behcet baby and I have found it outrageous the way it sneaks round your body causing havoc so goodness knows how you long servers keep sane.

Sending you a sympathetic ((((hug))) Jill xx


Cranberry supplements (found where vitamins are sold) are a better alternative to cranberry juice because they have no sugar (which can worsen urinary problems) and have no calories. In addition, cranberry supplements are a concentrated form of cranberry, so you can take enough every day to actually make a difference in preventing urinary tract infections. It's quite hard to drink enough cranberry juice every day to get to the therapeutic level.

If you tend to get UTI's after sex, you can take cranberry supplements before and afterwards instead of all the time. If you take immune-suppressing medication (biologics, chemo, steroids, etc.), you will be more vulnerable to infections, including UTI's, and might want to add cranberry supplements to your daily medication schedule after asking your doctor.

Cranberry is best used to prevent urinary tract infections. Once the infection gets going, cranberry probably won't be enough to cure it. A simple UTI with typical symptoms may not need tests before antibiotic treatment, but repeated UTI's or worse symptoms (including kidney pain, fever, or a UTI that doesn't go away) should be investigated with a lab urinalysis.


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