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Do fellow BD'ers ever meet up Regionally or Nationally or at Centres of Excellence for coffee and chat?

I entered this as a Blog initially hoping to start debate but I've decided it's more appropriate as a direct question.

I have made some brilliant "penfirends" on this site already and although its tricky to plan events (as we never know how we are going to feel when we wake up) I would dearly love to chat over a REAL coffee....has anyone participated in events organised by the Society?

Thanks guys Love Jill xx

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The Society has a conference every year in October see the newsletter for details and we have some support groups around the country let us know where you are and we can see if we can help


Thank you, I will do that today


People tend to post in the facebook groups when and where they have appointments so they can meet up if possible, that is something we can do on here.

There are support and social groups across the country, details here>

There are also fundraising events that people can participate in, which are usually listed on the Society website and in their newsletter.

It has been mentioned before that it would be nice to have something like a dance or summer met up/party/social event but we are so far and wide and of course unreliable when it comes to availability to oraganise or attend because of health, that is unlikely to happen at the moment. Another place to meet more people is the yearly conference, which is in a different location each year to try and give the opportunity to more people to attend, depending on their proximity to the venue as not everyone is able to travel or stay overnight.

I think when the centres have been going for a bit longer we will naturally make connections and friendships as this is sometimes difficult in other hospital situations.


Hi tigerfeet...thanks as ever for a great response. I shall check out the link that you've given me so thanks for that.

I'm waiting for a referral to the Birmingham Centre and am only 6miles away....I count myself veeryyy lucky to be so handy, so I guess I could easily make time to "lurk and chat" whilst I'm there.....:-)


hi, i too only live 5 miles from birmingham centre so maybe we will be able to meet for a coffee in the near future. i am involved with the local support group so can find the details for you if that would help and forwardthem to you


Kenjay... That sounds brilliant thank you.

I will PM you :-) Jill x


I have set up a support group for members in Scotland. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be listed in the directory of contacts. If you would like to make contact with others in Scotland with Behcets our email and discussion board can be found at


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