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Catching colds/bugs and having symptoms ten times worse than 'normal' people?

Does anybody feel like if they catch a cold or a bug off someone, you get it but ten times worse? I got a sickness (upset tummy etc) off my little brother and it FLOORED me. He was sick for a day but it took me a week to recover....Does anybody else feel like this happens to them too? I also got a common cold off someone and the doctor started checking me for pneumonia asking me 'what happened?did you get cold/wet ...?'.....I need to wear a mask when I go out or become the bubble boy.

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My diagnosis for BD is not confirmed yet but I have been floored by everything that has hit me since it started...but a recent tummy bug seemed to send me into a flare as 3 days in bed became a mouth ulcer covering the entire roof of my mouth...then everything else started up.

I also wonder if I feel pain more acutely because I've never known such agonising pain.

Ive been off sick a while and wonder how on earth you hold down a job with this illness????


Well apparently I am not sick ENOUGH not to work haha. It's madness, my local GP has not seen me at my worst so I guess he can't sign anything for me until he see's me in a bad way. Whenever I work full time, I end up in hospital; simple as that!

I had a cold which turned into a severe chest infection and a bug which lasted a week in the last month ....not including Behcet's symptoms. I wouldn't be able to hold down a normal job. I have been working in a place where I know everyone personally so I am lucky (very local place). Recently started writing and that suits me better; you don't have to stick to a rota or leave the house! Apart from the illness, suffering from everyone else's colds and viruses make working impossible (especially in customer services! ...)


Oh Denise thats just awful! I lucky that my GP has known me for many years and has seen me go rapidly downhill...its awful not being much of the pain is invisible in the joints and stuff. Jill


Hi Denise

I manage to work full time but am really struggling at the moment and cannot afford to cut down my hours. It is really hard but whenever I have a flare up my GP offers to write me a sick note. So far I havent taken any time off since May (when I was in hospital) but have only been in this job 4 months (had to give up being a Paramedic cos of Behcets) and dont want to go sick so soon into my new career. It's a bloody shame that we have to suffer and smile but I keep going. In work today with aching joints, back pain and a chest infection but am off tomorrow for my Duvet day!!!!

Hope you feel better soon



Yeah I work one day a week and end up recovering for the rest of the week! I'm soooo broke :( It's not fair ! And I'm not entitled to sick leave because I apparently haven't worked enough on my wages to get it. A vicious circle!

Duvet Days are the best! :)



My diagnosis was only in March this year, so its all still very new to me. However, I totally relate to this.

My daughter is at nursery and picks up the usual bugs. I caught a cold from her in late June. She only had it for a few days and was fine. I was completely wiped out by it. I developed a chest infection and terrible pain. 3 rounds of antibiotics did nothing. I had to see the cardiologist and had an x-ray, ECG etc as they thought it was blood clot related. It wasn’t- however, the x-ray showed inflammation in my right lung due to BD. I had to take a week off. I was panting going upstairs and the fatigue was dreadful. I felt like I had aged 100 years overnight! Same thing happened a fortnight ago. Became very poorly with the chest pain and fatigue last week. However, this time I was aware what was happening and was less freaked out about it. I’m much better this week.

Hope you're feeling better


I was diagnosed in April so we're in the same boat; I'm still trying to get used to everything too!

I don't know how you Mum's do it.....I have a 5 year old brother (I'm 23...BIG age gap!) and he's a handful. I am kind of a parent figure to him, because of the age gap and I help my Mum out a lot because she is separated. It's tough work!!! I commend you Mum's who still manage kids and this syndrome...I'm in awe :)

Hope you feel better soon :)


I told someone recently (who was hungover) to keep away; because my immune system was so crazy I would probably catch their hangover haha

It's crazy! Yeah I feel like that too, my immune system goes mental when I catch a bug...not good :)


Hi Denise,

a sore throat usually takes two-three courses of antibiotics and a stomach bug end up being gastric flu my immune system too has its own set of rules that change on an almost monthly bases also the recovery from relatively minor surgery turned into a challenge should have been off work for 4-5 wks and it ended up being 9 as the healing process was set back by the Behcet"s the biggest problem was blood clots behind the wound which is a common problem for us


Yeah our immune systems are not co-operating! Whenever we have visitors with kids and they say 'oh we had a little tummy bug and sniffles this week'...I'm like 'GET OUT'. haha I know I will catch EVERYTHING going! It's not fair :(

I was just out of hospital after being diagnosed (had horrible painful ulcers and had a biopsy done) and my cousin came over to visit, she was smothered with a flu and was on anti-biotics; thoughtful! I had the flu in 30 seconds flat.

Hope you feel better soon, it's tough working with this disease...


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