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Blood test results for Sinitta

Hi, Sinitta went to the doctors today as she has another tonsilitis infection, they advised her against the operation that was planned for the 12 Nov but had been postponed due to her lack of Iron as mentioned in my previous post, also that if she has them removed her ulcers will find somewhere else to come out, there is a lady on here that had the same problem once her`s were removed, so she is going to wait until she makes the rash decision for the operation, they also told her that her blood results were back and comparing her bloods now and from August she is more unwell at this point than she was back in the summer, she has possible Crohn's disease also which i believe is usually associated with Behcet`s, am i right? she has also got to start vitamin b12 injections, and has to have supplements of folic acid and also her iron tablets, they mentioned to her something about eggs, and that her body isn`t absorbing the goodness that comes from within an egg, does anyone know what this could possibly be? x

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Hello tamirra

Crohn's disease, held together by region manifests different symptoms, vomiting, constipation, weight loss, fatigue, abdominal swelling may occur. If the patient may develop a fever inflammation in the abdominal area. Pernicious anemia Vitamin B12 is used. Built laboratory tests for vitamin B12 deficiency can be detected. Folic acid is used in megaloblastic anemia. Iron deficiency can be treated in a more precise to identify the iron-binding capacity. Sinnita'ya wish a speedy recovery.

see you soon


Hi Tamirra - just reading this post - will be interested about the eggs - I have to be careful how many I eat because I had a reaction years ago (going on a fad diet trying to lose weight).

I thought I might have to have a toenail off because of an ulcer going around it (and underneath?). The specialist said no because it might cause a pathergy reaction (makes the behcets worse). They might be thinking the same about Sinitta, especially because she is in such poor health at the moment.

My iron is low - I must look at the blood tests and see what the result is. Have to have some tests to see if it is from the bowel - I have been so sick at the moment I am putting it off for a couple of weeks.

Look forward to seeing how Sinitta gets on.

Thanks goodness for mothers! My mother (Dawn) is 76 years old and has been fantastic.

Love to all



Yes Lesley it would be interesting to see what your iron level is. Hope you soon feel a little brighter. x x


Thank you sunset. Speak to you soon


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